How to transport, maintain and store your airbag backpack?

How to transport, maintain and store your airbag backpack?

Have you bought a Wedze airbag backpack for your off-piste outings in addition to your safety trio of avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel? We help you to properly maintain it so it lasts longer in good condition.

You're an experienced and careful off-piste skier and that’s why in addition to the safety trio of avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe, you are equipped with an airbag backpack.
Well done! Are you now wondering how to transport it by plane (lucky you) and more generally, how to maintain and store it when the season is over. You've come to the right place!
Let us guide you.

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How to transport and travel by plane with an airbag backpack?

Are you taking on the peaks and have to transport your airbag backpack by plane? Find out in advance (minimum 15 days before) if your airline accepts airbags.
Consult IATA regulations (International Air Transport Association) on their website, section 2.3A concerning hazardous goods.

If your airline does not accept airbags then it's mainly due to the gas cartridges. Depending on your destination, you can choose to travel without the cartridges, however if you do so then make sure that a sports store on site will have the right cartridges. If this makes the outbound trip easier, you need to comply for the return.

How to prepare your bag for your plane trip:
Unscrew the cartridges and deactivate the system by pulling on the handle.
Screw in the cartridges, close the zip and attach the inflation system using the Velcro.

Caution: do not transport unscrewed cartridges.
Print the IATA documents (table 2.3A) and place them in your airbag backpack.
Put your airbag backpack in your travel bag.
Check in your travel bag at the airport.

Do not use your airbag backpack as cabin baggage.

Transportation regulations related to transporting cartridges are available on the following website:

It is strongly recommended that you keep a copy of the IATA guidelines with you so you can show them to the airline staff at any time.

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How to maintain an airbag backpack?

I set my airbag backpack off in an avalanche
If you have deployed your balloon in an avalanche then it might be damaged. However, this damage is not always visible to the naked eye. Contact your airbag backpack retailer to have it checked (if you have a Wedze airbag 30 backpack then contact [email protected], [email protected]).
If you can't do this then you can do some checks yourself but remember to get your bag serviced as soon as possible.
Visually check that the airbag has no puncture
Check that the airbag straps are not showing any weak points
Check that the shoulder straps, stomach belt, crotch strap, chest strap and seams are not showing any weak points
Also check the condition of the buckles (stomach belt, shoulder straps, chest strap and crotch strap buckle)

I have never set off my airbag backpack in an avalanche:
It’s important to check in store regularly that it works properly.
You should also know that gas cartridges last for 10 years after manufacture.

After 5 years of use or 20 inflations (and 40 training triggers without inflation) your bag will need changing. It’s a personal protective equipment (PPI) item so its life span is therefore shorter than a standard backpack with no balloon to guarantee the product's efficiency.

How to store an airbag backpack?

The season is over and it's time for you to store your rider equipment. To make the most of your airbag backpack for as long as possible and extend its life cycle then it’s essential to store it correctly.
You’ll want to clean it to store it. Here are our pointers to do this:
Using a slightly damp microfibre cloth, wipe the backpack, the airbag if it's been deployed and the inflation system.
Wait until it's thoroughly dry before storing it.

Then store your airbag backpack in a clean, dry place at a constant temperature.
Unscrew the gas cartridges to avoid the balloon being accidentally set off. After removing the gas cartridges, pull on the trigger handle to release the firing pin spring.

And of course, keep your bag out of the reach of children! They could unintentionally set off the airbag or damage the system.

The right reminder: however proud the Wedze teams are to be able to offer you the Wedze 30 airbag backpack, in addition to your safety trio, carrying it must never encourage you to take risks. The best thing is to be equipped with an airbag backpack but not to have to use it!
Be careful and have fun.

Now you have all the information you need to use and maintain your airbag backpack correctly! And of course, if you have the slightest doubt or question then don't hesitate to contact your store.

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