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look after your skis well with wedze tips

"The reason for wax is to fill the micro-grooves so that the sole absorbs all the wax, which is aimed to improving the ski's glide."

1/ Are my skis already waxed when I purchase them?

Yes, all skis are already waxed in the factory, so ready to go on the snow even 6 months after purchase. For this you need to, store your pair of skis well and out of direct sunlight. We also advise you to remove the technical description sticker which is stuck under one of the skis before storage.

2/ How long between purchase and 1st outing without needing to re-wax?

Even if you wait 6 months after the purchase to take out your ski outs, the wax will still be good as long as you have respected the storage conditions mentioned above.

3/ How many outings can I do on the factory wax?

Between 5 and 10 outings maximum, it will vary depending on the duration of your outings and the speed of wear of the base. The decision will depend on your skiing sensations and the visible wear of the sole (whitening).

4/ Why should I wax my skis regularly and when should I wax my skis?

A little reminder about the base of your skis: 
- They do not have a smooth surface. It looks more like a sponge made up of micro-grooves. 
- Your skis slide on a film of water created by the friction of the base and not directly on the snow.

The reason for wax is to fill the micro-grooves so that the sole absorbs all the wax, which is aimed to improving the ski's glide. The second reason is to protect your base from abrasion due to friction during your days on the slopes.

If your skis are lacking wax your ski base will have a white appearance, which will indicate that it is time to iron a layer of wax on the bases of your skis.

When should I sharpen my edges?

There is no recommended time, it is a question of conditions of use. Generally during the end of season maintenance check (sharpening / waxing) or at the start of the season it is advisable to resharp.  

Then, keep an eye on your edges regularly, if you have passed over stones and marks appear, it is then necessary to iron over to maintain good grip.

Skiing off piste or on hard snow will mean that you will need to sharpen them more regularly (same rhythm as the waxing) unlike powder snow enthusiasts who will use their edges less often.

Conclusion: No strict rule, do according to wear


- Useski scratch attachments to prevent the soles from rubbing against each other during transport (See Gif).

-Passez un coup de chiffon sur vos carres en fin de journée pour éviter toute apparition de rouille.

- Do not store your skis in direct sunlight on your balcony or terrace.

look after your skis well with wedze tips

You now know everything you need to know to look after your ski equipment properly! All you have to do now is go and enjoy the slopes with your family or friends.

How do I look after my skis properly?


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