How to reset your airbag backpack?

How to reset your airbag backpack?

Have you bought a Wedze airbag backpack for your off-piste outings in addition to your safety trio of avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel? We can help you reset it efficiently after it has been set off so that you can use it again in complete safety.

You're an experienced off-piste skier and have decided to get an airbag backpack in addition to the safety trio of avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe.
Are you wondering how to prepare your airbag backpack for its first outing, or have you set your airbag off during an avalanche or prevention exercise and are now wondering how to reset your bag if it sets off?
We give you all the tips you need for your next off-piste outings.


How do I prepare the airbag backpack for my first outing?

You're ready for your first outing with your airbag backpack and are wondering about the steps to recharge and reset it. Here are the steps to follow for your first adventure:

1 - Buy some Alpride cartridges. Open the box and take the cartridges out.
2 - Use the arming tool to arm the inflation system. To do this, screw it until the red light disappears. Then remove the tool by unscrewing it and store it away.
3 - Install the two cartridges in the inflation system.
4 - Make sure the cartridges are screwed in properly.
5 - Close the fabric cover around the inflation system and cartridges.
6 - Prepare your bag for your session.
7 - Put the bag on and adjust the shoulder straps, chest strap, belt and crotch strap to your size.
8 - Open the zip to release the trigger handle and adjust the height so it's easy to reach.

Before you leave, practice setting off the airbag, disarming the system beforehand of course, otherwise it could cost you dear in Alpride cartridges! Learning how to grab the handle and measure the strength needed to set it off is important so you are prepared when needed.

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How to reset my airbag backpack?

You’ve set your bag off in an avalanche or by mistake but the airbag is still deployed and you are looking for the right way to put it back in the bag and reset the system to zero.


- Empty your bag
- Open the bag
- Open the compartment with the inflatable device
- Use the rearming tool to deflate the balloon by pressing on the inflation system's anti-return valve
- Use your body to empty the air from the balloon
- Still have a question?


Before folding your balloon, check that it is properly dry with no trace of dirt or damage.
- Open the zip fully on the airbag compartment.
- Turn the backpack over and pull the airbag compartment zip towards the opposite side.
- Attach the zip (like on a jacket) and close it about 5 centimetres.
- Turn the backpack over and fold the right side of the airbag.
- Push the airbag to the left and fold the top section towards the right. The top section covers the right section.
- Begin to close the zip on the airbag compartment.
- Push the upper section of the airbag towards the left.
- Fold the top section towards the right of the bag and push it into the compartment. Close the zip on the upper section.
- Do not fold the last section of the airbag, push it into the compartment and close the zip completely.

Folding the balloon is an extremely important step to ensure maximum safety, that’s why we have made a video for you to check you have done it right!

How to reset your airbag backpack?

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How to change the gas cartridges and reset my airbag backpack?

Once the bag is set off, you should change the pack of cartridges so the balloon inflates quickly and reset the bag so you can use it again
Unscrew the used cartridges and remove them.
Put the handle in the up position.
Set the inflation system by screwing the arming tool all the way clockwise.
Unscrew the tool and store it away. The system is ready to use if the red light has disappeared.
Screw in the new cartridges.
Close the zip on the inflation system compartment.

The bag is reset and ready to accompany you on your next adventure!
Remember that the airbag backpack must not encourage you to take more risks.

Don't forget to keep your bag out of reach of children to avoid the bag being set off unintentionally.

How to reset your airbag backpack?


However proud the Wedze teams are to be able to offer you the Wedze 30 airbag backpack with Alpride, in addition to your safety trio, carrying it must never encourage you to take risks. The best thing is to be equipped with an airbag backpack but not to have to use it!
Be careful and have fun.

Now you have all the information you need to use your airbag backpack correctly! And of course, if you have the slightest doubt or question then don't hesitate to contact your store.

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