How to choose kids’ ski and snowboard back protection?

How to choose kids’ ski and snowboard back protection?

Winter sports are within the reach of all kids, but they can cause serious injuries in the event of a fall. So it’s advisable to put a back protector on your child, to protect their back from possible impacts and minimise the risks. Here are some tips for choosing the right one.

Like all protective equipment, back protectors are strongly recommended for kids. Whether they’re a beginner or already have some level of skiing or snowboarding, they can still fall on their back. But how do you choose the right one? We’ll explain everything!

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Alpine skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, freestyle, skateboarding ... the back protector is as important as the helmet!

It’s important to note that protecting the spine is just as crucial as the head, especially when kids practise a board sport such as snowboarding, skiing or mountain biking. In this type of discipline, kids’ behaviour in the face of danger isn’t the same as an adult might have. A skier coming from behind, a patch of ice, changing terrain, a stone in the middle of the track... Faced with these obstacles, kids can quickly lose control and fall. This isn’t such a big problem, provided their head and back are well protected. Regardless of their level, we recommend back protection for kids as early as possible. Their bodies are still growing, so a head or back injury at this age can have consequences in adult life.

1/ Make sure the back protector is certified for back protection

The first thing you need to check when you’re about to buy a back protector for your child is the EN1621-2 level 1 standard. It belongs to Regulation (EU) 2026/425, which applies to body protection. This standard meets tests on shock absorption capacity with impact tests.

Here at Decathlon, all our back protectors for winter sports and mountain biking meet this standard.

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2/ Back protectors that don’t hinder kids’ movements

Today, you’ll completely forget you’re wearing back protectors in use. Their very flexible component follows kids’ movements, so they maintain great freedom of movement. When the child moves, the back protector doesn’t move. In short, today's back protectors offer absolute comfort while providing a real shield against impacts.
They are also designed so that kids don’t get too hot inside them.

Where to put it?We recommend placing the back protector just after the ski base layer, to be as close as possible to the child's body.

3/ Protective gilet or shoulder straps / belt: the choice is yours!

Here at Decathlon, we have two types of kids’ back protectors. The one held in place by a waist belt and straps, and the one built into a gilet. Depending on your taste, the child’s comfort and the price you want to pay, you will opt for one of the two models. In all cases, the two back protectors meet the same standard of protection, for practising winter sports as well as mountain biking.

4/ Choose the right size for a junior back protector

Choosing the size of the back protector will depend on the height of the child's back.
Here at Decathlon, we have allocated sizes based on ages. But we know that not all kids of the same age are the same height. That’s why we offer a short guide to choosing the right size back protector for your little champion.

Size 6 years: 115 to 124 cm, with a chest measurement between 58 and 61 cm

Size 8 years:
Size 6 years: 115 to 124 cm, with a chest measurement between 133 and 61 cm

Size 8 years:
Size 133 years: 142 to 64.5 cm, with a chest measurement between 68.5 and 12 cm

Size 8 years:
Size 142 years: 151 to 68.5 cm, with a chest measurement between 75.5 and 14 cm

Size 8 years:
152 to 162 cm, with a chest measurement between 75.5 and 85.5 cm

Kids’ body shapes are all different. We offer a size guide to help you, but if you have any doubts, we recommend you come and try on the back protector in store.


Jackets with zip, to combine the back protector with the jacket!

In the morning before going skiing, there’s a one in two chance that kids will forget to put on their back protector. This is why the Decathlon teams have developed a system that means the back protector can be zipped into the jacket. So, as soon as kids put on their jacket, they also put on their back protector!
Ziprotect features on certain models of our kids’ jackets. How does it work? An additional zip on the jacket means it can be attached to the back protector zip and combined to make a single product.

ski trousers with built-in back protector

Ski trousers with built-in back protector!

For young riders in the making, we have developed kids’ ski salopettes with a built-in back protector. Like the other two back protectors we offer, this one meets the standards for personal protective equipment. It’s made of soft PU foam so as not to impede freedom of movement, and micro-perforated for good back ventilation.
These salopettes are also equipped with an accessory, the RECCO system, which means kids can be located by the emergency services in the event of an avalanche.

wrist protection mittens

For little snowboarders, remember to protect their coccyx and wrists!

Learning to snowboard can be a journey fraught with falls, particularly on the buttocks and wrists. For young snowboarders, it’s strongly recommended that you protect these areas so they can learn and make progress in safety, without risking injury.

Protective shorts: In the form of padded shorts, they are the faithful companion for our young snowboarders. They help protect the coccyx, hips and buttocks by absorbing impacts.

Wrist Protection Mittens: Wrist protection mittens are another essential item. They protect kids’ palms and wrists in the event of an impact.



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