How to choose kids’ ski boots?

How to choose kids’ ski boots?

Ski boots are one of the most essential items for a young skier. But how do you make the right choice? We’ll explain everything!

Ski boots are a crucial piece of equipment for young skiers. They provide comfort and support for the feet while skiing, help guide the skis and also act as thermal insulation against the cold. However, a poor fit between the boot and the kid's foot can turn skiing into a nightmare. So how do you choose the perfect kids’ ski boot? We’ll explain everything!

Here's what you need to know: ski boot sizes are expressed in Mondopoint

Note that the size of ski boots is different from that of conventional boots. It is expressed in "mondopoint", which simply corresponds to the length of the kid's foot in cm. For example, for a small foot 23 cm long the ski boot size to choose is 23.

Do you know your kid's shoe size? Refer to the size chart to find out their mondopoint size.

kids’ mondopoint ski boots

How do you measure your kid's feet to find out their size?

In store:
Get a pedometer, available in store, to measure your kid's feet precisely in centimetres.

At home:
To accurately measure the length of your kid's foot, place a white sheet of paper on the floor. Ask them to place their feet flat on the sheet, making sure that their heels are pressed against a wall. Using a pencil, draw a line across their longest toe. Then use a ruler to measure exactly.

How do I choose the right model of kids’ ski boot?

It's important to note that at Decathlon we don't offer specific models for little girls or boys. At this age, kids’ feet are identical, which is why we only offer unisex ski boots.

At Wedze, we simplify the choice by offering one boot model per size to ensure the best fit for the kid's age.

The 3 boots we offer are the following:

innovative pumzy ski boot

Focus on the PUMZY boot that grows with your kid's feet

The PUMZI ski boot is a bit special, as it is equipped with an inflatable system so the liner can be adjusted to the kid’s foot size. Thanks to a press stud on the back of the shell, you can inflate or deflate the liner to fit your kid's foot perfectly.
Thanks to this innovative system, your kid can keep their boots for several winters in a row!

We offer 2 size ranges for these boots:
- From 16.5 to 18.5
- From 18.5 to 20.5

How do you get your kid to try on the right ski boots?

Once you know your Mondopoint size and have selected your model, it's time to try them on.

First, remove the liner inside the boot.

You then have 2 options:

1. Try it with the shell
Place the kid's foot in the shell of the ski boot, without the liner.
Push their foot so that their toes touch the bottom of the shell.
The boot is the right size if, and only if, there is a gap of 1.5 to 2 cm between the heel and the end of the shell.

2. Try it with the liner
Place the kid's foot in the boot.
Wedge the heel into the bottom of the boot.
The boot is the right size if, and only if, there is a 1 cm gap between the big toe and the tip of the boot.

Finally, make sure that you can easily slip your kid's foot in and out of the boot.


Little extra: choose the right socks!

When you fit your kids’ ski boots, it's best to forget about the everyday socks they usually wear.
Instead, opt for socks specially designed for skiing: thicker to keep in the heat, higher to avoid rubbing on the shin, and more snugly fitted to the foot to prevent them from slipping inside the boot.

For kids, you can also consider ski tights specially designed to accommodate the boot. These tights have a reinforced foot section.

ski boots storage

How do you care for and store your kids’ ski boots?

Kids sweat a lot from their hands, head and feet. This perspiration can make their boots damp, which means their feet feel cold the next day when they put their boots on. So it's important to take precautions to avoid excessive dampness inside boots.

To do this, it's advisable to remove the liners from the boots after each use and leave them to dry indoors. Avoid placing them on a radiator as this could damage the components. By leaving them to dry naturally, they will be dry and comfortable and ready to use the next morning.

When it comes to storage, it's best to keep your boots in a dry place at room temperature. Close the hooks tightly so that the plastic retains its naturally curved shape.

You now have the keys to choosing your kid's perfect pair of ski boots! Once you've chosen them, make sure they're properly fitted to their ski bindings so they can enjoy the slopes in complete safety!



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