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How to choose a snowboard for your child?

Children often dream of learning to snowboard. And, contrary to popular belief, there's no minimum age to begin snowboarding...Today, a range of equipment designed for their size and level is available. So, how do you choose the right snowboard for your future rider?

When choosing a snowboard for your child, there are 3 main factors to consider:

1. The choice of snowboard depends on the  height of the child.
2. The choice of snowboard boots depends on the child's shoe size.
3. The choice of snowboard bindings depends on the size of the snowboard boots.

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1/ What is the correct size for a kid?

When deciding on the correct size snowboard for aa kid, the main factor to consider is the height of the child.

A short board will be easier for him to handle. This will increase his confidence and a way progress more quickly. A longer board will be more difficult to handle.

Yes, but... children grow an average of 6 cm a year! And you don't necessarily want to buy a new board every year.

A good compromise is to choose a board that is 10-20 cm shorter than he is. This way, he'll be able to keep it for a few seasons. There are also boards with two binding positions. If your child has grown a lot, you can opt for the wider distance between bindings.

Here is our advice to help you find the snowboard that will best suit your child!

Snowboard junior size chart 

snowboard size chart


But what if you don't have a tape measure in your pocket?Simply place the board next to your child: it should roughly reach between the top of his neck and his nose.

snowboard twintip bindings

Twin tip and rocker: the winning combination for junior snowboards

In recent years, the twin tip snowboard has become a favourite when it comes to children's snowboards. The twin tip is a board that is symmetrical at the front and back. This means it's just as easy to ride forward as it is to ride switch (backwards). With a Twin Tip, the young snowboarder will soon feel comfortable riding in both directions!

The "rocker" describes a board that is raised on both sides beyond the bindings. It helps eliminate edging mistakes (and therefore falls!) on the flat part of the slopes and makes turns easier.

Combining these two technologies when choosing a board will make it much easier for your child to manoeuvre and learn!

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2/ How to choose snowboard bindings for your child?

The choice of binding size depends on the size of your snowboard boots. Every binding should provide an indication of boot size.

For example, S = 1.5 - 5.
This means a size S binding are suitable for boot sizes 1.5 to 5.

We strongly recommend that your child tries on the bindings with his snowboard boots to ensure he gets the right size.

How to choose snowboard boots for your child

3/ How to choose snowboard boots for your child?

It's normal for snowboard boots to be bulky and rather stiff!
This means, it's not always obvious whether you've chosen the right size. Here are two tips to help you:

- If you remove the liner from the boot, you'll be able to feel your child's toes and check if there's enough room or not.

- If the boot doesn't have a liner, remove the insole and place your child's foot on top of it. There should be a 10 mm gap between the big toe and the end of the sole.

This small 10 mm gap is very important. Air is a good thermal insulator and will help keep your child's feet nice and warm!

Dreamscape tips

To fasten the boots, avoid using traditional knot tying which is too complicated for small children. Opt instead for a speed lacing system.

Don't forget a helmet, back protection and gloves with wrist guards...and remind your little snowboarder of the basic rules of conduct on the slopes... Now it's time to go and experience the full delights of snowboard!

To be well-equipped:

come on board

Introducing 3-6 year old children to snowboarding

"Come on Board "is an event organized by DREAMSCAPE designed to make snowboarding accessible from an early age. 
The aim is to offer children an introduction to riding and educate parents about snowboarding.

It's a great opportunity, as well as a safe way, to try out a snowboard and various modules, we will provide an introduction to balance and the sensation of sliding!

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How to choose a snowboard for your child

Philippe tiercin

Snowboard enthusiast and product manager for DREAMSCAPE.

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