How do you clean your ski pant

Cleaning your ski clothes allows you to preserve their comfort and above all their technical qualities, provided you follow a few instructions so as not to damage them.

Do not use fabric softener, this deteriorates waterproof membranes.


1/ Wash your ski trousers

The ski trousers are made of technical smart textiles with various properties: breathability, water-repellency, warmth... Their compositions require special attention when washing:


2/ Drying your ski trousers

This is a very important step not to be overlooked! If the drying is not done correctly, your clothes can rot and smell badly

Once washed, turn your jacket and pants back to front and put them back in place opening all the zips. Dry flat in a dry and ventilated place, avoiding proximity to heat sources such as a radiator or a fireplace. This can take several days before your clothes are completely dry, be patient!


Tumble dryer for down jackets: ideal for down jackets, a tumble dryer will dry the down well and keep it airy and lofty. Put your down jacket with two clean tennis balls into the drum of your dryer and program a gentle and delicate cycle. To ensure thorough drying, repeat the operation several times by shaking your puffer jacket between each cycle to help the down to find its volume.

washing ski underwear

3/ Washing and drying your ski underwear

For your technical underwear and fleece jackets, wash them in the washing machine with a synthetic programme at 30° using a classic detergent.

Opt for air drying in a dry and ventilated area. Do not use a tumble dryer, the heat will damage the technical qualities of the synthetic mesh.

These are the tips to keep your skiwear clean and maintain all its technical qualities and prolong its life.

How to wash your ski gloves

Bonus: how to clear ski gloves

Your ski gloves also require special attention when washing.
Your gloves can be machine washed as long as you do not exceed a washing programme of 30°.
We also advise against putting your gloves in a dryer because if they contain down, there is a risk of "feather balls" forming. 

Wedze tips

- Avoid washing your ski jacket and trousers too often. This accelerates the wear of technical membranes. Once or twice per season is largely sufficient!

- To clean your ski trousers effectively, it is not advisable to overload the washing machine.

- It is also important to ensure that there is no indication to the contrary on the label.

- It is also possible to maintain your ski clothing with a water-repellent treatment to keep the waterproofness of your garment intact as long as possible.

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