How do I choose a kids’ ski suit?

How do I choose a kids’ ski suit?

The ski suit is ideal for children, especially toddlers who need a suit that provides both warmth and freedom of movement.
But how do you choose the right one?

The ski season is approaching, so it's time to get the whole family kitted out for skiing and snowboarding lessons, forest walks, igloo building and tobogganing. For the children, you’ve decided to go for a ski suit. But how do you choose the right one? We’ll explain everything.

baby skiing

The benefits of a ski suit for your child

The ski suit is very comfortable for kids. It is an all-in-one, so it prevents snow, moisture, wind and cold from getting inside. So your child stays warm and dry all day long. The fact that the jacket and trousers are joined together means that your child can move more easily, with greater freedom of movement.
Fully waterproof and warm thanks to a padded wadding lining, ski suits are perfect for little daredevils who want to enjoy winter sports without the cold, wind or snow getting inside their outfit.

baby sledging

For babies, warm ski suits specifically for snowy weather

Children can take their first steps in the snow and discover the incredible sensations it has to offer. Between the ages of 1 and 3, they can have very active moments of discovery, but also very passive moments with rest periods and nap time.
Ski suits for babies are therefore particularly well suited to the needs of this age group.

They're very warm, so they keep babies nice and toasty during breaks or when sledging, and they’re waterproof to keep them dry when in contact with the snow.
The suits are elasticated at the ankles, so that snow boots can be placed over the top, which prevents snow from entering the suit via the ankles.
The suits are also easy to put on, thanks to a large zip opening from the bottom of the legs to the collar of the suit.

How to choose the size of your child’s ski suit

When buying a ski suit, choosing the right size is essential for ensuring your child is comfortable for a whole day in the snow.
At Decathlon, we offer three different size ranges, with designs to match the child's age group.
For more precision, a size guide is available to help you find the right age. Just measure your kid to find out!

  • baby in the snow

    Children from 1 to 3 years old

    Size between 77 and 97cm
    As mentioned above, baby ski suits have an easy opening and extra warmth to meet the needs of a child of this age.

  • child snowboarding

    Children from 4 to 6 years old

    Size between 98 and 124cm
    Between 3 and 6 years old, some of our designs are patterned, and some of our models come with integrated mittens as part of an all-in-one set.

  • children’s ski suits

    Children from 7 to 14 years old

    Size between 125 and 162cm
    The suits for 6-14 year olds have a simpler design, adapted to the child's age.

Clothes for your child to wear underneath their ski suit

Underneath the ski suit or ski jacket and pants, it's essential to dress your child in specific winter sports clothing.
We advise you to opt for the three-layer rule:

  • baby in the snow

    Layer 1:
    Ski base layers

    Worn directly on the skin, the ski base layer wicks away sweat towards the other two layers, and provides an initial layer of warmth for the child. A breathable long-sleeved top for the top half and leggings for the bottom half are appropriate.

  • children’s fleece

    Layer 2:
    A fleece or a thermal jacket

    As well as providing an extra dose of warmth, the second layer acts as an insulator, keeping warm air around the body.

  • children’s nursery ski school

    Layer 3
    Ski suit

    You already know the third one! Waterproof, warm and breathable, ski suits protect your child from the elements.

kids ski and snowboard

And to finish off your child’s ski outfit, don’t forget the rest of the equipment!

Skiing, snowboarding or sledging equipment is also required.
When it comes to winter sports, you need protection! It is therefore strongly advisable to wear a helmet. You can also add ski goggles to protect children's delicate eyes from UV rays.
If your child is a little daredevil, we advise you to get them some back protection as well. This will protect your child’s spine in case they fall on their back.
Your child’s hands should also be covered, with a good pair of warm, waterproof gloves or mittens. As far as equipment goes, your child will need ski, snowboard or snow boots, with a suitable pair of socks. And then, of course, skis, poles, a snowboard or a sledge, depending on your preferred discipline!

You now know how to choose the right ski suit for your little ones, so they can fully enjoy the joys of skiing! To complete your child’s outfit, don't forget ski base layers, a helmet and goggles for safety, gloves and a good pair of socks!



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