DREAMSCAPE, the brand that makes snowboarding accessible!

Dreamscape: accessible snowboarding?

Driven by a love of dreaming and escapism, and brought together by a shared passion for snowboarding, the DECATHLON snowboard team is striking out on its own to become DREAMSCAPE. The aim? To make snowboarding accessible to as many people as possible...

At a time when new technologies are confining us ever more to our armchairs, when time is a precious commodity and excitement is thin on the ground there are always hidden slopes to explore, tracks to trace through virgin snow, snowparks to discover, side hits to jump and simple and intense pleasures to share ... pleasures that snowboarding alone can deliver! Let your imagination run wild.

A reality to experience and enjoy but, above all, to share with as many people as possible...

DREAMSCAPE, the brand that makes snowboarding accessible!

Dream' whaaat ?

Dreamscape /ˈdriːmskeɪp/
A landscape or place with the characteristic mystery of dreams.

DREAMSCAPE, the brand that makes snowboarding accessible!

The new snowboarding brand from decathlon

Decathlon first introduced snowboarding in the late 1990s, with the Quechua brand. From the outset, the aim of our adventure was to make snowboarding accessible to all and offer everyone the chance to express themselves on a board.

Although, of course, not everyone will express themselves in the same way! Just like Marion Haerty, Freeride World Champion, who started out on a Quechua board... (Source: Marion Haerty Podc (Snowsurf.Podcast episode 8, Marion Haerty, women's snowboarding)

But that's besides the point! We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to experience the fun, thrills and excitement of this sport. We wanted them to have the chance to try out snowboarding and then progress at their own pace, depending on their individual goals.

Back then, we developed our first snowboards with the help of Karine Ruby.

In 2006, Decathlon embarked upon a new chapter, with the creation of the Wed'ze snow sports brand. In late 2014, Wed'ze joined the new design centre for mountain brands, in the mythical Mont-Blanc Valley, in the heart of the French Alps, closer to the ski resorts and our users.

In 2020, in an attempt to get closer to our users, design products that better meet our customers' needs and offer a better experience to the rider, snowboarding is striking out on its own to become DREAMSCAPE. 

For us, at Dreamscape, snowboarding is, first and foremost, about enjoyment, sharing, fun and excitement...

Where does this name come from?

DREAMSCAPE is made from blending the two words DREAM and ESCAPE, words that conjure up the thrill and fantasy that surround the snowboarding experience.
But it's also the name of our iconic Wed'ze board which, since 2011, has been THE board of choice for all snowboard lovers

DREAMSCAPE, the brand that makes snowboarding accessible!

Our aim?

We design products specifically for snowboard enthusiasts..
We want to help all riders, irrespective of their level or riding style, progress and enjoy snowboarding.

We want to protect our users and make snowboarding more user-friendly by offering unbeatable value for money.

We aim to do this by providing innovative, high-tech products but also by doing our utmost to reduce the impact on our planet and the mountain.

To introduce as many people as possible to the joys of snowboarding and do so in a sustainable way.

Our dna? "seriously playful"

Since embarking upon this new snowboarding adventure with Decathlon, we have built our DNA around two words: "SERIOUSLY PLAYFUL." 
We're a team of 15, all with a shared passion for snowboarding. Every day, we work to innovate, devise and design products that will meet the needs of each and every snowboarder.

And it's this philosophy that drives and motivates us in our day-to-day work. Our work is informed by our three pillars of motivation: Sharing, challenging yourself and having fun.

Together, we work to improve the day-to-day life of snowboarders, in a sustainable fashion, allowing them to enjoy unforgettable experiences on and off the snow! On the slopes, off-piste and in the snowpark. From beginners to intermediate and advanced riders.
And your views are an essential source of information that help us constantly improve our products.

Not only are we passionate about snowboarding but some of our team members are also directly involved and close to key international figures from the world of snowboarding. It's no surprise that one of our product managers is involved and plays an active part in international freeride competitions, .(FWQ: Freeride World Qualifier) - when he's not busy with snowboard media - in an attempt to introduce more people to the sport. To ensure that we produce high-tech, intelligent products, we also collaborate on designs with high-level, technical partners.

DREAMSCAPE, the brand that makes snowboarding accessible!
DREAMSCAPE, the brand that makes snowboarding accessible!

Our playground?

The mountain cloaked in its white blanket of snow.. Playing around in crisp snow, on different slopes and gradients. The adrenaline and satisfaction that you derive from all the different elements of snowboarding make this a really exciting sport - and one that we love.

Our heritage is firmly anchored in the boardriding culture and we are involved in all areas of the sport: all mountain, freestyle, freeride and splitboard, from beginners to advanced. In a nutshell, the entire mountain!

We're very attached to our snowy playground and we're doing everything possible to help preserve it.

And because we're designers, we can create eco-friendly designs. We measure, and then reduce, our impact using accurate environmental indicators, focusing on three priorities: repairability (5 year warranty for all products), sustainability and eco-design.

Of course, this is only possible thank's to Decathlon's strong commitment to reducing its environmental impact: http://sustainability.decathlon.com/.
To find out more about our eco-design approach, visit: https://engagements.decathlon.fr/cest-parce-quon-concoit-nos-produits-quon-peut-les-eco-concevoir

DREAMSCAPE, the brand that makes snowboarding accessible!

We design your snowboards here, in the heart of the alps.

It's in the heart of the Alps, next to Chamonix, that our small team of designers, product managers and engineers gather to devise, design and test products, adapted to meet all desires and needs.

At Dreamscape, we examine all types of snowboarding terrain and are involved in all areas of the sport: Freeride, All Mountain and Freestyle, from beginners to advanced.

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DREAMSCAPE, the brand that makes snowboarding accessible!

Marc d.

DREAMSCAPE team member and snowboard enthusiast.

Franky Moiss, DREAMSCAPE technical partner.

Franky Moiss, DREAMSCAPE technical partner.

Franky Moiss, pro snowboarder and DREAMSCAPE technical partner, will tell us about his co-design work with the brand in the past three years.

ComeOnBoard junior snowboard


It is often difficult to introduce children to snowboarding... To change things and make snowboarding accessible to younger children, Dreamscape will organise a new snowboarding event, specially tailored to Decathlon stores: Come On Board!