Crosscountry skiing, an excellent sport for kids!

No, crosscountry skiing is not just for adults, quite the reverse! Nordic skiing is a sport for everyone, starting from an early age. 
It is a fun and healthy winter sport that will introduce your kid to snowy landscapes in a different way.
Often neglected in favour of its close relative, alpine skiing, crosscountry skiing has many benefits.
Here is our advice on introducing your kid to Nordic skiing and getting them motivated!

ski touring, a fun sport for kids

A fun and complete winter sport for your kid

Crosscountry skiing is a complete winter sport for discovering board sports, physical exercise and the beauty of nature

Thanks to the moderate speed and gentle slope of crosscountry skiing trails, your kid can easily discover and get their first experience of winter sports without feeling as nervous about falls as in alpine skiing.
Given that making progress in crosscountry skiing is often quick, your kid can develop their physical skills and gain the self-confidence needed to quickly take to the slopes. It is also a good way to start alpine skiing more easily!

Nordic skiing is a perfect endurance sport for improving your kid's cardio-respiratory capacities and giving them a taste for hard work and energy management!
It is a complete sport that is gentle on the joints and exercises both the upper and lower body. Consequently, it develops balance, stability and arm-leg coordination"".

In addition to the physical benefits, Nordic skiing has some very good physiological benefits since it helps to channel the energy of kids and get them outdoors in the fresh air

A great opportunity to discover a new environment, snow and mountain, in an enjoyable way.


A sport you can start from an early age!

As soon as your kid starts to develop resistance to the cold and physical effort, they can start learning Nordic skiing, i.e. at the age of about 4 years.

The ideal age is considered to be about 6 years old, when kids become more adept at ascending the slopes unaided and can follow instructions.

When starting out, it's better to teach them ""classic crosscountry skiing which will introduce them to the snow, skiing and board sports through play.
The classic technique involves skiing in the tracks, with the feet in a parallel position. This is easier to learn because it is similar to "ski running". The movement is therefore quite natural, fun and easy to learn. They will get used to the feeling of gliding on the snow.

Then, at about 8 years old"", your kid can discover the skating technique, which requires more balance and coordination. It has more similarities with the technique of rollerblading or ice skating. 
Don't hesitate to take an instructor for a few hours. In 2 hours, your kid will be able to learn the basic skills of crosscountry skiing without being afraid of falling.

having fun with kids when ski touring

Make learning fun

Above all, you need to arouse your kid's interest, talk to them about discovery, nature, skiing and games!
Put yourself at their level. Remember, for them, it's not a sport, it's an adventure.
A different way to discover snowy landscapes!

Teach your kid with games, for example: go to see the giant of the woods (century-old tree), go in search of an imaginary specimen, draw out a sun shape with the skis to warm the elves of the forest, go in search of the tracks of animals in the snow, or simply take up a challenge, etc.
Any excuse will do. It's also a good time to reawaken your inner kid! Let your imagination run wild.

Our advice: to start, choose a fairly easy trail that isn't too long and, if they want to stop, don't force them, to avoid "antagonising" them. Suggest taking a break or another activity instead.
This will make them more motivated to try again next time ;)

ski touring activities for kids

Spice things up!

Nordic skiing is not limited to pushing poles and sticking to tracks in the snow. On the contrary, it is a sport that offers plenty of variety. 
To motivate your kid to continue crosscountry skiing, spice up the activities and outings!

Capture their imagination with outdoor activities such as an orienteering course with a compass and/or a geocaching search using a GPS. 
Suggest an off-piste outing with an experienced instructor to do a few jumps and make your own tracks in the snow!

Today, many Nordic skiing domains offer biathlon initiations, giving your kid the opportunity to be in the shoes of their hero and discover an Olympic discipline in a fun way.

Spice up the outings by inviting your friends, neighbours and family. 
A picnic outing is always enjoyable and builds friendships! And who knows, you can finish it off with a snowball fight or some sledging!

When your kids are older, tougher and have mastered the techniques of crosscountry skiing, you can plan longer outings with them. 
And if they have an adventurous spirit, ask them if they would like to go on a ""Nordic expedition as a family combining skiing and snowshoeing for a few days or weeks to explore some of the breathtaking landscapes of Scandinavia for exemple ! With pulkas, you can do anything!

To make the most of the slopes, it is essential that your kid is well equipped with gear that is suited to their level of ability and what they are planning to do. 
The gear is different depending on whether they are using the classic technique or the skating technique. 
When starting out, we recommend taking classic fish-scale skis that will provide the best grip on the snow to avoid sliding backwards in descents. 

Choose comfortable, breathable technical clothing that keeps you warm and protects from the wind. So that they do not get cold, cover their heads, hands and feet: a hat or headband, gloves for the hands and suitable socks. 
Don't forget sunglasses and sunscreen to protect them from UV rays on the snow. For when you get hungry on the slopes, slip some cereal bars and a bottle of water into your backpack.

Given the physical as well as the psychological benefits, all is well with ski crosscountry skiing  :)
So don't hesitate to introduce your kid to this fun and complete winter sport.



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