cross-country skiing for women

Cross-country skiing, an ideal sport for women

Nowadays, women of all ages are increasingly keen to engage in a regular sporting activity. They are motivated by a number of different factors: if you want to get back in shape, sculpt your body, have fun, exert yourself, change your mind and get some fresh air...
You've come to the right place because cross-country skiing offers all this!

As the temperatures start to drop and the snow is falling, it takes some motivation and a certain adjustment to keep exercising when it's winter and snowing ;)

If you are going on a holiday to the mountains this winter or are lucky enough to live in a mountainous and snowy area, why not try Nordic skiing?

Cross-country skiing is a winter sport that is practised in Nordic skiing areas, and many alpine ski resorts have a space dedicated to this discipline. If you are on a holiday, this can really shake things up!
Nordic skiing can be broken down into two disciplines: classic cross-country skiing and cross-country skate skiing.
Similar to walking or running, classic skiing involves moving forwards and sliding in two parallel tracks, while skating has more similarities with a rollerblading or ice skating motion.

Given that the heel is free to lift up in a more contemplative or sports mode, you cannot fail to enjoy Nordic skiing!

women classic cross-country skiing

1/ Breathe, glide... chill out by going cross-country skiing

Whatever our daily routine, winter can sometimes be stressful and lead to the winter blues. So even if you feel like hibernating more than sweating it out, getting a breath of fresh air and going to play sports often helps you feel better!
And if that's not enough, give yourself a treat afterwards: a massage or a snack, the choice is yours.
Sport has benefits for the health and morale, because it releases endorphins, which are hormones that help to relieve tension, reduce pain, and produce a pleasant feeling of euphoria.
Sport and, especially, endurance sports like cross-country skiing are excellent ways to completely relax and recharge your batteries.

Breathing the pure mountain air, admiring the snowy landscapes, gliding and listening to the quiet sound of the skis sliding on the snow – all this is part of the joy of cross-country skiing.
Time stands still... you ski across many miles of groomed slopes without ski lifts through snow-covered plateaus and coniferous forests, far from the crowds and the stress of everyday life. Pure joy, basically!

And what a feeling of pleasure to feel your muscles stretched and completely relaxed after an intense outing followed by a good stretching session!

Nothing beats cross-country skiing to recharge your batteries, relax and free your mind.

cross-country skiing for women

2 - Cross-country skiing
good for the soul and the body

As we saw in the previous section, cross-country skiing is good for the mind, but not only that!
It is also excellent for your body, your figure and your heart.

Who said cross-country skiing was a "cushy "sport?
On the contrary, it is a sport that requires a lot of energy and one of the sports that burns the most calories.
One hour of cross-country skiing burns between 400 and 800 calories depending on how much you push yourself, i.e. more than running or swimming.

Cross-country skiing is a complete endurance sport that strengthens the muscles and sculpts the figure by exercising all the muscles of your body in a harmonious way.
Every part of the body is tested, including the buttocks, thighs, calves, arms, as well as the abs and back.

It is also excellent for developing the cardiovascular system because"" a large quantity of oxygen is consumed (high VO2 max) during practice. This is why it is often practised by trail runners in winter.
Any cardio workout will also improve the blood flow, which has benefits for those who experience heavy legs, cold hands, and swollen ankles or feet, etc.

Give your heart and boost and recharge your batteries!

Cross-country skiing: an ideal sport for women!

The pleasure of exerting yourself in snow-covered landscapes

"I discovered cross-country skiing a few years ago and I fell in love with the discipline. It's a sport that gives me the chance to exercise while admiring magical landscapes. I love the sense of fulfilment I feel when I come back from a cross-country skiing outing"
Claire - 35 years old/outdoor sports lover

women classic cross-country skiing

3 - Cross-country skiing – perfect
for active women!

It's not easy to reconcile family, social and professional life with sport when you're a woman! This is where the time factor comes into its own!
Cross-country skiing is a sport that requires relatively little time to recharge your batteries and exercise. You don't need "to free up" a full day to enjoy it. An outing lasting one or two hours is already plenty to get some air and a good level of exercise.

During the holidays, if you have young children, you can take advantage of your toddlers' nap time to do a few miles of cross-country skiing. When they are older, you can go out together!
And during periods of normal activity, take advantage of your lunch break to get a breath of fresh air on the slopes. The equipment is easy to carry, the outfit is light and quick to put on and, given that the Nordic trails are often easy to get to and you don't have to queue to get to them, all this will help you to save time ;)

Have you heard of Nordic afterwork or nights-out?
More and more Nordic areas are offering cross-country skiing outings at the end of the day for a session under the stars. Skiing at night, with your head torch locked onto your head, is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere, with family, friends or colleagues :)


4 - No stress in cross-country skiing!

Whether it is sore feet in your ski boots, worries about getting cold on the slopes, an apprehension about falling, etc., there are plenty of factors that can undermine your motivation to start a new winter sports activity.

With cross-country skiing, the watchword is no stress!
=> Forget about having sore feet, cross-country ski boots are very comfortable and much more flexible than alpine ski boots
=> Even if it is true that women are generally more sensitive to the cold than men because of the differences in metabolism, muscle mass and hormones. With cross-country skiing, even the person, who is highly sensitive to the cold, won't feel the cold for long! The exercising of the muscles and cardiovascular system will soon warm up the body, and there is no risk of catching a chill on the ski lifts because any climbs are done by gliding along using the strength of the legs and arms.
=> There's minimal risk of injury and accidents are quite rare as it's a low-impact sport generally practised on slopes with a gentle incline).
=> For those who don't have a good sense of direction like me: ) Bear in mind that the trails are well signposted with a level of difficulty symbolised by a colour, and they generally form a loop, which significantly reduces the risk of getting lost.

Cross-country skiing is a sport that anyone can do and we recommend that you start with classic cross-country skiing
and take a few hours of lessons to get off to a good start!

But you will see that, once you have got your balance and learnt the technique, you will only have to find your rhythm and you'll be ready to enjoy the slopes.
See you this winter on the slopes?



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