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Holidays in the mountains with children are just magical, for them and for us!

But before that, you may be asking yourself a few questions:
Can I leave with my baby? How should I dress my child? At what age can they start ski lessons?
We will guide you through the organisation process!

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Going skiing with a teenager

Gone are the days when you were the centre of your children's lives… Now you have young adults with you. And during the teenage years, you may find that they don't want to do what you are offering. The only problem is that going on holidays with you is not yet negotiable… and yet you want everyone to have a good ski holiday.

Here is our advice for keeping teenagers happy while you make the most of your holidays.

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A ski holiday needs some organisation: suitcase and activities for children

Off we go, we're taking the kids skiing and have fun as a family. How to have a successful family holiday in the snow? Choose the right family ski resort, get the kids signed up for the ski club and organise activities that everyone will enjoy. This trip will be the first of many for those who love the mountains!


The medals: from the little ones ("pioupiou" level) to the gold star skiers

The medal... This is the reward that every child hopes to get at the end of their skiing holiday.
There are many, each one being assigned according to the age and level of ability of the child. You don't know them? Check them out in the article below!


How to dress your kids properly for skiing

Like us, kids must be well protected to make the most of ski days. We want them to be warm and dry, to be able to dress easily and move freely… And it's possible! Follow our guide on how to dress them well.

[Test] Children on a ski holiday

What if my child doesn't like skiing?

You have gone on a ski holiday with your children, but the ski lessons you were thinking of giving them have not gone as planned... We give you our advice for having a great skiing holiday regardless.