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Women's Maoke 500 - Cable Lock All-Mountain Snowboard Boots

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Key feature
Powerful and precise clamping by a wheel and a cable for a very good foot support. Light shoe thanks to its EVA sole. Thermoformable liner.
Users reviews
3.1 / 5 10 ratings

User benefits

Ergonomic 15 mm foam heel wedge: good foot support at high speed.
Easy opening / closing
Cable Lock: very powerful tightening with a wheel and cable.
Thermal insulation
EVA Sole, 80% air to block out the coldness of the ground.
Medium flex to effectively steering the board at high speed.
Fitting comfort
Firm foam for a good comfort / support compromise. Thermoformable liner.
Ultralight with large studs for a good grip on all types of snow
Ultralight sole made of EVA 80% air for lightness and cushioning.

Technical information

EU sizes
37> 41 (@: 42)
Tightening type
Wheel + metal cable
Upper of : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU) Lining and sock of : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Outer sole of : 100.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
Designed to :
the confirmed snowboarder who is looking for shoes with a good foot support to go fast on all fields.
2 years


Storage instructions
At the end of the day, remove the liner from the upper to improve ventilation and dry quickly. Also remove the inner sole of the boot for perfect drying in one night.
Restrictions for use
Thermoforming this liner will improve comfort and support.

Features of the product

CABLE clamping system LOCK
Cable Lock: very powerful fastening wheel with cable. Simply turn the wheel to tighten. Effortlessly, you powerfully tighten your shoe. A 1/4 turn in the opposite direction and the system is opened, making it easy to open up its tongue.
Boot flex/stiffness
The flex of the Maoke 500 is medium. It responds to people who hold a curve with a lot of speed (need a stiff shoe) but it also allows them to be responsive during small turns or surprise bumps that require a rapid flexion-extension of the legs. Both flex and heel support are better than the Maoke 300 boot.
Heel support: level 2 liner
The maintenance of the foot is an essential element in snowboarding to control your board (foot in liner but also liner in shoe). The level 2 liner applies 5 concepts: 1. thermoformable liner at home 2. malleolus foam "Ergonomic Heel Pad" 3. Slip on "2 points + strap", 4. link between liner and shoe "Hook & Loop Link" 5. double layer of foam at the tongue on the instep, support and comfort.
1. Autonomous liner thermoforming
1. Heat your oven, rotary heat mode, to 80 ° C 2. Remove the inner soles of the liners, place the liners on the oven plate covered with a baking paper 3. Wait 15 minutes 4. Put back the socks, put on a pair of ski-snowboard socks, put on the liners on your feet and tighten as you like. 5. Put the snowboard boots on and hold tight 5. Wait 15 minutes, static This operation can be redone.
2. "Ergonomic Heel Pad" malleolus foam
The ankle foam padding sections fill the hollow underneath and behind the ankle bone to hold the heel in place. The level 2 liner contains a foam made in an exclusive Wed'ze material and shape: - the shape was based on an average of 40 foot scans. It is perfect to very well stall the foot and adapts to all, - the material: is a soft and firm elastomer foam. You can feel the support as soon as you slip your feet inside. And when you're riding, there are no pressure points.
3. "2 points + sling" liner tightening
On this shoe, we kept only 2 points of tightening with the laces: - at the kick - above the malleolus At the top of the liner, we replaced the 3rd lacing point with a powerful tightening strap. We have therefore reduced the friction of the lace (2 points instead of 3) and used the clamping force to maintain the heel. On the upper part, the strap locks even more the boot on the shin.
4. Link between liner and shoe "Hook & Loop Link"
We added a scratch on the back between the boot and the liner. The aim? Limit slipperiness on the inside of the shoe to help you better control your board because it is not enough to keep your foot in the shoe: if the liner moves in the shoe, you will not drive your board as well.
5. Double layer of foam at the tongue on the instep
We added a 2nd layer of foam on the tongue at kick level, this for 2 reasons: - increase the wedging of the foot at the bottom of the liner - increase the comfort by avoiding that the lace cuts the blood circulation on this zone of strong tension
The insole of this shoe is flat. It brings comfort and thermal insulation. In order to increase the wedging of the foot in the liner, only if you feel the need, 2 options are available to you: - acquire a pre-formed sole at the level of the arch and heel - acquire a thermoformable sole on your foot. This is the best solution.
Sole: grip, foothold, cushioning and thermal insulation
Our Ultralight sole is only in EVA. EVA is a very light material with 80% air. This formulation is designed to resist abrasion while keeping its damping properties. It is naturally very insulating and protects against the cold rising from the ground. We drew big crampons to offer you a very good grip. They are spaced quite far apart to prevent snow from getting stuck.

Users reviews

3.1 / 5 10 ratings
4 users recommended this product
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  • Woman
    20-29 years old
    24 February 2018
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    El lock se abre con facilidad

    Son muy comodas, tamaño justitoya que tengo 39-40 y las que me van bien son 41. El problema viene con el sistema de lazado. Lo elegí porque he tenido este sistema de otras marcas y me gusta mucho no tener que aprtetar cordones pero... En este caso no sirve, cada dos o tres bajadas me doy cuenta de que de un pie se me ha aflojado del todo, teniendo que apretar de cero la bota, con lo que eso supone para el dominio de la tabla. Las devolví y cogí unas nuevas. Me volvió a pasar lo mismo, creo que las devolveré por última vez.

    Brand's answer :

    Hola Aïda,

    Sentimos tu experiencia con el producto, y que te haya ocurrido por segunda vez. Remitiremos el problema a la marca para mejorar el sistema de ajuste de la bota. Nos gustaría que te acercases a una de nuestras tiendas para poder ayudarte a resolver el problema.

    Muchas gracias por contactar con nosotros.

    David Novo
    Experto en Snowboard

  • Woman
    20-29 years old
    23 April 2018
    Use since 1 week or less
    That review has been deposited on this product version

    De boots zaten in eerste instantie goed. Geen heel lift en stevig. Maar op de piste kreeg ik al snel pijn aan mijn hielen en enkels. De naden van de boot zitten niet zo goed geplaatst waardoor als je zwaar in je Bindings hangd pijnlijke wrijvingen krijgt.
    Ik had al last na een aantal uren op de piste maar ben ze toch blijven doorgebruiken waardoor ik nu na 7 dagen snowboarden moeite heb een gewone schoen aan te doen. Heel jammer, want met mijn vorige wedze boots had ik geen problemen.
    Dit model raad ik dus af voor de snowboarden die lang op de piste wil zitten.

    Brand's answer :

    Beste Elien,

    bedankt voor de feedback over deze schoenen en alvast onze excuses voor het ongemak dat u ervaren heeft. Ik geef deze door aan de productdesigners zodat zij ermee aan de slag kunnen. Deze schoenen zijn blijkbaar niet de juiste voor u. Ik raad u aan vanaf oktober de schoenen om te ruilen voor een ander paar dat beter geschikt is voor u.

    met vriendelijke

  • Woman
    30-39 years old
    03 April 2018
    Use since 1 week or less
    That review has been deposited on this product version

    De boots zien er leuk uit en kunnen makkelijk aan en uit gedaan worden. Ze zaten ook heel goed bij het passen. Maar jammergenoeg niet meer bij het snowboarden. Er zitten naden in de binnenkant die blaren en pijn veroorzaken. Zo erg zelfs dat ik ze niet meer kan dragen tijdens het snowboarden. Jammer