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Key feature
A jacket that will keep you very warm, for freeriding in all weather conditions.
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User benefits

10 000 mm membrane. 100% taped seams.
Membrane facilitates perspiration wicking. Ventilation zips.
Freedom of movement
The pattern and mechanical stretch of the fabric will follow your every movement
Technical wadding, 100 g/sqm on the body, 80g/sqm on the sleeves. Cuffs
7 pockets: 4 hand pockets, 2 inner pockets, 1 ski pass pocket
Hood can adjust to a helmet, thanks to two small elastics.
Ease of use
Ventilation at the front for easier opening with a backpack on
Resistant component, designed for freeriding

Technical information

Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Main lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Padding : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Secondary lining : 100.0% Polyamide
Approved by
12 Decathlon clients who took part in the product validation process during the field tests conducted at Tignes as part of the final product development phase. Are you interested in becoming a tester? Contact us at!
All Wed'ze products are designed and developed in the Mont Blanc Valley. They are then tested under the same conditions of use as you will experience (snow, cold, powder snow, etc.) The design teams ensure that the programme for which the product is designed and developed corresponds perfectly to its use in the field.
Designed to :
intermediate freeride skiers and snowboarders practising in all weather conditions
2 years


Storage instructions
Store on a hanger and do not fold, as this can damage the fabric coating. Make sure that the product is completely dry before storing in a dry and ventilated place

Features of the product

3D hood
Fed up with your hood falling onto your nose, or preventing you from looking left and right? Wedze added to this a skiing jacket with a hood with double tightening for better protection from bad weather. It is compatible with helmets.
Elasthane cuff to prevent snow ingress to keep you dry and warm when it snows or if you fall in the snow.
Ventilation zip
The position of the ventilation zips has been designed to facilitate manipulation, particularly when wearing a backpack that is essential to carry your safety equipment. Their location on the front also increases ventilation in use as these ventilation zips enable air to circulate. Ideally, you should open the ventilation zips before you are too hot when skiing and close them to not get cold when you reduce your activity.
What should you wear under your skiing jacket?
To keep warm and dry, use the 3-breathable-layers rule: 1 base layer and 1 jacket liner to keep the warmth in, 1 ski jacket to protect you from bad weather.
The first layer
It enables you to remain dry by wicking away perspiration from the skin towards the other layers.
The second layer
To keep you warm, you will need a second layer that insulates you from the cold. That is what sweaters, fleeces and down jackets are for.
The third layer:
Protection from the elements (snow, rain and wind) by keeping them out (while letting perspiration out to not be wet on the inside"). Ideally, it will be waterproof AND breathable. The third layer can also insulate, for example trousers or lined jackets, and therefore complement the second layer.
How can I prevent snow from getting in when I fall?
The snow skirt is a protection system at waist level that closes with press studs at the bottom of the ski or snowboard jacket. It prevents snow and air from entering during practice and especially in the case of a fall.
How can I be sure my jacket is strong enough?
We know how much energy is expended during a day's skiing or snowboarding. That’s why we take particular care in choosing all the elements that make up our products to guarantee the best possible protection.
How can I best insulate my extremities?
The finishing at the end of the sleeves has adjustable velcro fastenings to go on top of or underneath gloves, allowing better water resistance and preventing snow from entering if there’s a snowfall or uncomfortable cold air from getting in. What's more, given that the cold is a source of irritation, Wedze has added a soft fleece chin guard that protects your face to avoid any risk of neck and chin irritation.
Can I be sure my jacket will protect me well in bad weather?
The Free 500 jacket is rigorously developed and assembled to prevent water from entering and to feel the wind less, ensuring greater comfort in bad weather (rain, snow, wind, etc.). To check that they are efficiently waterproof and watertight, these trousers have been placed in a special shower reproducing the conditions a skier may have to cope with. Finally, we wore the product for several days' skiing under all conditions to validate its waterproof rating
What's the point of having a water-repellent jacket?
The water repellent property of a fabric is its capacity to allow water to run off its surface without seeping in. The FREE 500 jacket is made from water resistant materials to prolong its resistance to bad weather. This is an additional technical solution for staying dry for as long as possible on the ski slopes. You should repeat this treatment regularly using products sold in our stores to maintain these properties.
I often hear people talk about "coated" jackets. What are the advantages of this coating?
The coating is a waterproof "substance" that is spread on the inner side of the fabric. It prevents water from seeping into the garment but allows the water vapour produced by an active body to escape. So you will stay dry and comfortable while hitting the slopes
Water often gets in through the seams. Does my jacket have waterproof seams?
As well as the waterproof material, taped seams are incorporated to strength the waterproofing of the FREE 500 jacket. These are waterproof adhesive strips taped to the inside seams of the garment to make it perfectly watertight. These taped seams are present on the areas most exposed to snow. These are usually located on the shoulders and chest.
What is a membrane and what's it for?
The membrane is a very fine component applied to the inner surface of the outer fabric. This hydrophilic component prevents water from seeping in while wicking away perspiration. The membrane is unbeatable when it comes to staying warm and dry.
How will my ski jacket keep me warm?
We use wadding for insulation to keep you warm. The wadding is a synthetic material with a polyester base that stores a greater or lesser quantity of air depending on the size of fibres used. There are different types of wadding, including standard, technical and siliconized, which all have different properties (for warmth, lightness and suppleness...)
What is a "breathable" jacket?
It's the ski jacket's ability to let moisture produced during exercise escape to the outside, in order to keep you dry. To find out if a fabric is breathable, its evaporative resistance, called RET (standardized test ISO 11092), is measured. The lower the RET, the more breathable the fabric. Wedze uses technical components and solutions (zips, ventilation, mesh) preventing condensation inside the garment.
Where can I put my ski pass when taking the ski lifts?
You no longer need to get your ski pass out because your sleeve has a ski pass pocket to allow you to access the cable cars quickly
Can I compare the products' environmental impact?
"The product's environmental impacts are calculated across its entire life cycle using various indicators. A score of A, B, C, D or E is made to help you easily identify the most eco-friendly products by comparing products of a similar type (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks). For Decathlon, this initiative to display environmental data is a priority. Explanatory video:"

Users reviews

4.52 / 5 54 ratings
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  • Woman
    50-59 years old
    18 September 2018
    Use since 1 week or less
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    Great jacket

    Quality and fit are spot on.

  • Woman
    30-39 years old
    20 February 2018
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Great jacket

    Great ski jacket with long body and relaxed cut, so useful off the slopes as well.
    Perfectly warm and very waterproof (skiied two days in heavy rain with no leaks).
    Good variety of pockets but could have done with a really large mesh inside one for goggles or gloves.
    Ventilation zips worked excellently on the one day I misjudged the temperature and wore too many layers.
    I couldn't fit the hood over my helmet, but to be fair I didn't try very hard.
    Also, considering how many people I saw in Decathlon jackets (in France), no-one else had this one!
    (I have the purple version)

  • Woman
    20-29 years old
    14 March 2018
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
    That review has been deposited on this product version

    Jsem maximálně spokojená :-) Bunda teploučká, pohodlná. Moc doporučuji :-)