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Key feature
The G-VIEW 600 Bad Weather are ski goggles with rigid spherical lens to minimise optical deformation. It is equipped with an anti-mist treatment an Optimal field of vision.

User benefits

Sun protection
100 % anti-UV. Yellow lens for better vision in snow and fog.
Optimal Anti-fogging treatment and dual ventilated lens.
Field of vision
Spherical screen, wide horizontal and vertical range of vision.
User comfort
Double density of ergonomic foam and comfortable textile.
40 mm wide elastic with a double strip of anti-skidding silicone.
2 buckles for adjusting the length of the elastic
Size L compatible with prescription glasses maximum 145 mm wide.

Technical information

Lens : 60.0% Polycarbonate (PC), Lens : 40.0% Cellulose Acetate Frame : 100.0% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Elastic Band : 36.0% Rubber - Synthetic, Elastic Band : 35.0% Polyester (PES), Elastic Band : 29.0% Polyamide (PA) Foam : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU)
All the Wed'ze products are tested in actual usage conditions for which they have been designed: in the snow, in the cold and in all the conditions you may find yourselves when skiing. The design teams, the product leaders, the engineers and the pattern makers ensure that the programme for which the product has been conceived and developed corresponds perfectly to its usage on the slopes.
Designed to :
The skier and snowboarder who are looking for an optimum field of vision in bad weather and an Optimal Anti-fogging and anti-UV.
2 years


Storage instructions
Advice: Store the goggles in a Wed'ze case after use.

Features of the product

100% UV Protection
UV rays are harmful for the eyes. All our goggles are certified 100 % anti-UV in accordance with EN standard 174. The ski goggles are the best protection response: They perfectly cover your eyes and prevent any UV rays entering including via reverberation.
Optimal Anti-fogging
Top of the Wed'ze range, the Optimal anti-fogging links a dual lens, an anti-fogging treatment on the inner part and ventilation through aeration inside the lens and ski goggle frame. To allow good ventilation inside your goggles, avoid obstructing these aerations (with a muffler for example).
Ventilated dual lens
A goggle design with a dual screen allows to limit fog formation: The air trapped between the 2 lenses is a thermal insulator. The thermal shock is lower, which slows down the formation of fog on the goggle’s inner lens. The latter also receives an anti-fogging treatment as well as aerations, also guaranteeing a good circulation of air.
Spherical lens
The lens’s spherical shape provides a better horizontal and vertical field of vision. It also allows the reduction of optical distortion. The outer lens is made of polycarbonate which is very shock-resistant. The inner lens is made of cellulose propionate.
Compatibility with a ski helmet
All Wed’ze ski goggles are designed for perfect compatibility with Wed’ze ski helmets.
Compatibility with prescription glasses
G-VIEW 600 ski goggles in Size L let you use corrective lenses 145 mm maximum wide. Foam on the sides and the shape of the goggle skirt leaves just enough room for branches.
Elastic cord made of polyamide, polyester and rubber, 40 mm in height, with a strip of anti-skid silicone.
Microfibre case
Consider protecting your goggles and the lens from any scratches with the Wed'ze microfibre case before and after use. The ideal material to look after your goggles without causing scratching. This case also cleans the lenses!
Coloured Flash lens
The coloured Flash coating on the external side of the ski goggles reduces the amount of light transmitted to the eye. The aim is to reduce glare and to give you greater clarity in bright conditions.
EN 174 Standard
The EN 174 standard is a European regulation applicable to goggles used for eye protection when skiing or doing similar alpine activities such as snowboarding.
Avoid the formation of fog
Humidity causes the formation of condensation. So you should avoid becoming saturated with filling foam and do not put ski goggles over a damp helmet or hat. Falling face down in the snow can also cause your goggles to fog up. That is why in all cases you must dry your ski goggles well, all night, to eliminate all traces of humidity and to be able to ski the next day with a perfectly dry product.
2 sizes
Choose the goggle size depending on the circumference of your head. Below 55 cm, choose size S (formerly S/M). Above 55 cm, choose size L (formerly L/XL).

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