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Key feature
3 in 1; the new Defense backpack offers 3 options= - Backpack with built-in back protection- Back only- Backpack without back Easy carry.

User benefits

Easy dressing
Exclusive REVERSE design lets you turn the bag quickly around your body.
To carry 1 snowboard on the front or 1 pr of skis on side or 2 ps of junior skis
Chest and stomach strap guaranteeing excellent support of bag on back
Ease of use
A mechanical buckle facilitates handling of the Reverse system.
23 litres
Multiple compartments
1 large pocket + 1 mask pocket + 1 outer pocket+ 1 side pocket

Technical information

23 litres
1 pair of skis/snowboard
Chest + stomach
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
Designed to :
skiers or snowboarders looking for a large bag, 23 litres which includes detachable back protection
2 years for components and backpack


Storage instructions
Store in a dry place

Features of the product

Carrying skis/snowboards
Possibility of carrying a snowboard on the front, adult skis on the side or two junior skis on the side. It allows you to keep your hands free and to walk comfortably up to the ski lifts, or when setting off on Freeride type routes
Instructions for carrying skis
To carry the skis on the side, place the ski base in the lower strap which automatically adjusts to the width of the skis. Attach the skis above the front end stop of the fastening; The top right strap is inside the bag, it is held by the insert above which reads "SKI carrying system", and is held in place by the other metal buckle. The top left strap slips into the ring next to the carry handle of the backpack.
Removable back
3-in-1 backpack - It is possible to use the backpack with the built-in back protection - It is possible to use the backpack without back * Take the back off the backpack= Unzip the yellow backpack zip, open the backpack in half, unzip the small side zip and remove the back from the net, fasten. - It is possible to use the back alone without the backpack * Unzip the yellow backpack zip, open the backpack in half and take it out of the bag. Place the back under you jacket or a second layer.
Helmet carrier
It is possible to attach the hat strap to the carry handle of the backpack
Adjustable, comfortable, foam and preshaped straps to support the shoulder providing maximum comfort and stability. A chest strap the height of which can be adjusted with distress whistle, keeping the bag securely on the back A stomach strap provides additional support to avoid all backpack undesirable movements during practice.
The pockets enable you to carry everything you need for your day of skiing/snowboarding. For example= Main pocket: - Avalanche shovel pocket - Probe pocket- Spare second layer- Spare pair of gloves - 50 cl bottle of water - Seal skin - D.V.A Goggles pocket: - Spare goggles Front pocket: - Map of slopes- Wallet - Car keys- Survival blanket- Sun cream Pool side pocket: - Energy bar - Lip balm
Instructions On reverse
Unclip the buckle. ROTATING BAG: Flatten your right arm against the body, and using the left hand, pull the backpack by the right strap to turn the backpack round to face you. Attach the buckle to the dominant buckle at the bottom of the bag to secure it. The buckle is secured by a detachable system. OPENING: Thanks to its practical opening, you can easily access all your belongings, even when they are at the bottom of your bag!
Carry handle
Handle for ergonomic grip, easy transport and storage.
Goggles pocket
Foam mask pocket to hold a spare mask, a pair of sunglasses, a mobile telephone. This pocket is rigid at the front to protect the content. Soft fabric to protect screens (mask, telephone, sunglasses).
Back and strap comfort
Thermoformed back and straps to guarantee maximum comfort and a feeling of freedom. The foam is attached to the most sensitive part of the back and shoulders.
Shovel and probe pocket
Two pieces of elastic in the main pocket are able to hold a probe and shovel handle. the elasticated pocket holds the shovel excavator. The pocket and shovel are, alongside the D.V.A, essential tools which you must be familiar with when out on the slopes/freeriding/back country skiing.
Bag certified as per EN 1621-2:2014 Built-in back protection/for users with back between 43 and 48 cm Designed for skiers and snowboarders
Protect your belongings
The base of the bag is extremely resistant to abrasions and tearing. This limits the affects of impact and limits damage to the bag content.

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