Unisex Endzone 500 Park & Ride all-mountain and freestyle snowboard

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Key feature
Twin Tip = symmetrical board with central bindings for going in both directions. Standard camber for pops and grip on groomed slopes. Wide board with rocker and Powder Stance for powdery snow.
Users reviews
4.45 / 5 22 ratings

User benefits

33% piste, 33% off-piste, 33% park.
Ease of handling
Medium torsion: traction and facility. Playful thanks to its small size.
Very good buoyancy (rocker, Powder Stance = 60 mm setback)
Great traction on all types of snow (standard camber and medium torsion).
Anatomic design
152 cm:1.67 to 1.77 m 153W cm:1.68 to 1.78 m 158W cm:1.78 to 1.90 m - min. 85 kg
Quite rigid front and rear. Very good pop for jumps with good speed.
Medium torsion for traction. Progressive snowboard, tolerant of mistakes.
Glide performance
Extruded PE + graphite base offering a very high-quality glide.

Technical information

152 cm / 153W cm / 158W cm
Sizing OK?
152:36 > 42. 153, 158: 42 > 48
Standard + Rocker
Twin Tip
Snowboard & bindings pack
Chassis : 100.0% Polyamide (PA) Board : 34.0% Wood, Board : 33.0% Epoxy, Board : 33.0% Glass - Fibre (FG)
Designed to :
experienced snowboarders looking for a very versatile snowboard for parks that performs just as well on-piste and off-piste.
2 years


Storage instructions
Wipe the edges at the end of the day so they don't rust. Ideally, wax every 5 outings. Storing for the summer: keep away from sunlight, you can leave your bindings on the board.

Features of the product

A word from the product manager
If you had to choose just one...
The Park & Ride is true to its name, it's as good in parks as on- and off-piste. In parks, it is particularly suited to jumps (ramps) and you can trust it on take-off and landing. Its standard camber gives it pop for jumps and stability at full speed. The rocker offers manageability, as well as buoyancy in case of powdery snow. Its Powder Stance allows you to enjoy powder snow like with a freeride board.
Twin Tip snowboard
It is a Twin Tip shaped snowboard. The board's front and back board sidecuts are completely symmetrical, offering perfect centring and symmetry for riding in both directions in the same way. The Twin Tip shape also offers total balance when turning (on the ground, in the air).
Standard camber + Rocker
All the advantages of both the standard camber (thanks to the board's elasticity, a standard camber serves as a spring to provide grip on all types of snow, edge-to-edge dynamism and recoil when coming out of turns) and the rocker (under constraint, the board's points of contact with the snow come closer together, making the board more manageable). The rocker elongates and raises the nose so that it can glide better over powder.
Medium, Versatile FLEX
The flex is the stiffness of the board between the front and rear. The flex of the Park & Ride is about 3/5, which is average and versatile. It offers predictable handling when cutting corners and is forgiving of edge mistakes.
Medium and versatile torsion
The torsion, i.e. the torsional stiffness of the board between the feet, is about 3/5 on the Park & Ride 500, which is fairly stiff for good hold in the curves, recovery coming out of a turn and responsive edge transition. It is also flexible enough to enjoy a bit of freestyle. Its medium torsion makes the Park & Ride particularly versatile, more than just a jib board.
0 mm setback, can be set to 60 mm: Powder stance
The setback is when the board's compression points with the snow are not symmetrical in relation to the centre of the board, but set back towards the rear. The bindings are also set back towards the rear by the same distance. 0 mm setback = no setback, these are fully centred Twin Tip boards, not only for riding in both directions, but also for better balance during rotations in the air and on slopes.
Technical information
Size 153 cm Front width 300 mm. Centre 258 mm. Rear 300 mm Radius 8.3 m. Effective edge 1,115 mm. No. of inserts: 2 x (10 + 2) =24. (4 possible positions per binding / 20 mm between each position - the last series of inserts is shifted for setting the bindings at Powder Stance = 60 mm setback). Recommended stance: 565 mm.
Sold as a pack with Illusion 500 bindings with a freestyle-type highback
It is an Illusion 700 without the full EVA pad, with: - 3D foam ankle strap that hugs the boot, offering perfect support. The foam allows you to tighten a lot without compromising great comfort - front cap strap positioned on the toes only for incredible comfort and support - easy Turn Strap opening system 152 cm: Binding size M, adapts to sizes 36 to 42. 153 cm W and 158 cm W: Binding size L, adapts to sizes 42 to 48.
When should I wax my snowboard?
Wed'ze boards leave the factory waxed. They then require regular maintenance, like all snowboards and skis: ideally, wax after every 5 outings and at least once a year: - either at the beginning of the season to start with a very good glide - or at the end of the season, leaving the wax on to protect the base throughout the summer
What's the right size Park & Ride for me?
For freestyle, you can use quite a short board: - 20 to -25 cm (for example, someone measuring 1 m 74 can use a board between 154 and 149 cm). Choosing a shorter board will make it easier to turn and do tricks. Choosing a longer one will increase stability at high speeds and on landing after jumps. Choose quite a short Park & Ride. The 158 Wide is perfect for larger builds. 152 cm => 1.67 to 1.77 m 153 cm WIDE => 1 m 68 to 1 m 78 158 cm WIDE => 1 m 78 to 1 m 90 (min 85 kg)
What is the snowboard width?
A "Wide" board is a board that is wider than normal, to prevent "large" feet from touching the snow when turning a little too sharply and making you fall. From size 10 upwards, it is best to choose a "Wide" board. The width of the board is measured at its centre. At Decathlon, we have defined them as follows: - up to 250mm : normal board - 251 to 259 mm: medium wide - above 260 mm: Wide

Users reviews

4.45 / 5 22 ratings
21 users recommended this product
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  • Woman
    20-29 years old
    29 January 2018
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Tento snowboard mě velmi mile překvapil. Podrží v oblouku, ale zároveň je dostatečně měkký na různé blbosti. Nastavení na freeride zatím nemám otestované.

  • Woman
    30-39 years old
    08 January 2018
    Use since 1 week or less
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Super für Anfänger auch wenn die Piste mal nicht o

    Habe das Board nun 2x getestet. Der Schnee wurde mit der Zeit matschig und hügelig. Das Board hat sich nicht verkantet und ich konnte noch super fahren. Bin ein blutiger Anfänger.

  • Man
    30-39 years old
    04 April 2018
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Tabla mejor que las fijaciones

    La tabla es pesada, pero por pista resulta bastante manejable.
    Para mi gusto lo peor son las fijaciones, se abren en mitad de las bajadas, con el consiguiente peligro.
    Casi es preferible comprar la tabla suelta y unas fijaciones en condiciones en otro sitio.