The ski lifts - title

If you say ski descents you also says ski lifts to reach the summits of the slopes! There are different types of lifts, depending on the elevation, the difficulty of the slopes and therefore the skiing level.

The ski lifts

Magic carpets

Often located in spaces dedicated to the uninitiated, on a slight slope, they are perfect for beginners: the user remains standing, just get on the mat, it takes you up safely and slowly, then you get off! Fully suitable for beginners and their first gliding sensations, the mat stops automatically in the event of a fall.

The ski lifts

The drag/button or Poma lifts

The drag lift, is a pole towed by a cable, which pulls the skier to the top of the slope.Sometimes dreaded by beginners, it turns out to be a quick way to go up short runs; once the start if controlled.A tip/do not sit on the pole, let the pole take you up while standing.

The ski lifts

The chairlifts

These famous seats suspended from overhead cables are now self-releasing: they slow down at the start and at the finish, to allow the skier to settle in without stress and smoothly! The tip:take a look back to see the seat arriving, remove your backpack, and when you arrive at the top, slide straight out of the seat.

The ski lifts

The cable cars

More colloquially known as "bubbles" or "eggs", these closed cabins, like cable cars, allow you to climb to the top of the slopes, well sheltered from the cold and bad weather.

The ski lifts

More cable cars

Aerial cabins operating in pairs, the cable cars circulate in the air on 2 separate cables: one goes up, the other comes down. They therefore have a large reception capacity. These cabins allow a rapid ascent to a significant elevation and terrain that is difficult to access.

The ski lifts

The funiculars

Vehicles that can be compared to trams and metros, funiculars allow a very fast climb to the top of the slopes and have a large loading capacity.

Now that you are aware of all the types of lifts that exist, you are ready to take them to enjoy the most beautiful ski slopes!

The ski lifts


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