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Succeed the first ski outing of the year

Is your first ski trip already in your diary? Discover our tips if you're leaving at the end of the month to make sure your trip is a success.

Attack the ski season fit

1/ 4 weeks training
to be fit for the slopes!

Skiing represents a real physical effort for which many are not prepared.

Indeed, not only are the muscles of the lower limbs and the para vertebral being tested but also the body needs to adapt to the cold temperatures and the altitude. Skiing requires physical preparation to avoid injuries and bad surprises once on the slopes.

The Decathlon Body Building/Cross Training team has put together ahyper-complete muscle building program to prepare you and to make sure you make the most of your week skiing!

2/ Find your sensations first before skiing too fast

Skiing is like cycling, you never forget how to do it! However, before going back on the slopes, a little warm-up session can be very useful to find your reflexes and gently re-train your muscles to the requirements of gliding.

Now that you've warmed up, you can head off to the moguls! I'm joking of course…~By favoring easy slopes, you will be able to test your feelings without any pressure and regain control of your speed.It is by slowly regaining self-confidence that you can then embark without fear on more difficult and technical slopes.

And a good way to regain confidence is to go back to school… ski! Some professional advice from an instructor to correct your faults and help you progress and the slopes will be yours ...

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3/ Well prepared equipment, ensures a good glide

No good winter season without well prepared equipment. So before leaving to take advantage of the first snowfall, a maintenance check-up is necessary. For your skis and snowboard, a simple maintenance check-up at the beginning of the season, to add wax suitable for cold snow, will be more than enough if you did a maintenance check at the end of the last season. For bindings, a good adjustmentis essential to avoid any injuries.Whatever, a visit to your Decathlon Workshop will put you in the mood, and the technicians will take care of your equipment with the greatest attention.

Wax and sharpen your skis - waxing

To be well-equipped:

We have no more than to wish you a good preparation, to calmly glide down the first tracks of the season!

Successful first ski trip of the year


Wedze communication team, made up of skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts