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Key feature
Ski Agil 700 is playful and easy, perfect for evolving on all types of snow. Dynamic and manageable, it is a pure extract of pleasure.
Users reviews
4.5 / 5 32 ratings

User benefits

Ease of handling
They pivot very easily thanks to the autoride rocker (double rocker).
The width (75mm) provides stability when the snow changes.
The camber under the foot allows progressive grip on hard snow.
The width (75mm) and the autoride rocker allow a little skiing on powder.

Technical information

146 cm, 156 cm, 166 cm@
120/75/110, 15m in 166 cm
80% Slope
Board : 45.0% Wood, Board : 20.0% Polyamide (PA), Board : 20.0% Glass - Fibre (FG), Board : 10.0% Steel, Board : 5.0% Polyethylene (PE)
Designed to :
Female skiers from beginner to confirmed level: 50% slope carving, 50% all snow slope.
2 years

Features of the product

Light Woodcore Tec: tip construction on a light wood core. Lets you have a very light ski under your foot, which makes skiing even more manageable. The ski acts like a shock absorber bringing lots of comfort thanks to the wood which has great absorption capacities of the relief and vibrations.
Look bindings, Xpress 10 model. Adjustable DIN 4 to 10. Adjustable from 261 mm to 381 mm.
Metal tip end and reinforced topsheet.
Waxed and sharpened skis, ready to use. Edge sharpened to 89°.
What is an arch?
When you place a ski on the ground, the contact points of the ski are located near the spatula and the heel whereas the centre of the ski (under the bindings) slightly rises (the camber). The higher and longer the camber, the more your ski grips and the more responsive it is. The lower the camber, the more tolerant and manageable the ski.
What is a rocker?
On a “rocker” ski, the spatula and sometimes the heel rise sooner than on a camber ski. As a result, this moves the points of contact towards the centre of the ski. The surface of the ski in contact with the snow is shortened: You will benefit from more manoeuvrability and bearing capacity in soft snow. With the angle, you will find the length of the edge for more grip on hard snow. The lower the camber, the more tolerant and manageable the ski.
Autoride rocker
Light rocker at the tip and heel, arch under the foot. This shape provides manoeuvrability and tolerance upon changing snow conditions. You obtain the manageability of a shorter ski when skidding and will have the stability of a longer ski as soon as you put it on the edge.
120/75/110 in 166 cm, range = 15 m
50 % slope carving, 50 % all snow slope.
Available sizes
Sizes sold in stores: 146cm, 156cm. Sizes can be only ordered via Internet and store terminal: 166cm.

Users reviews

4.5 / 5 32 ratings
29 users recommended this product
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  • Woman
    20-29 years old
    20 February 2018
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Skvělé lyže. Jsou krásně měkké a jízda na nich je bezvadná. Jsem pokračilá lyžařka a tyhle lyže mě naprosto uspokojují. Nádherný desing a jízda na jedničku!

  • Woman
    20-29 years old
    04 November 2017
    Use since More than 2 years
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    AGIL 700

    velmi tolerantní a měkké lyže, doporučuji pro začátečnice/mírně pokročilé, co nemají tak velký důraz v nohou

  • Man
    20-29 years old
    04 November 2017
    Use since 7 to 12 months
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Hravá lyže

    Sexy design, dobre ovladatelne, hrave, nejsou extra tvrde. Vhodne i do neupraveneho terenu. Doporucuji lyzarkam,ktere si chteji jizdu uzit a jezdi na hory pravidelne.