Samurai Free Rando 700 Adult Freeride Skis - Green

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Key feature
Perfect skis for the freerider who wants just 1 pair of skis. 100 mm, Walk to Ride bindings and skins – a good compromise for enjoying both groomed slopes and off-piste skiing.

User benefits

99 mm wide and with a large tip, the Samurai floats on powdery snow.
33% piste, 33% off-piste, 33% cross-country skiing: they do it all!
Ease of handling
Its short radius and powder rocker make it more manageable.
The wood sidewall construction offers good stability at high speeds.
In addition to the short radius and good rigidity, they provide incredible grip!

Technical information

177 cm 184 cm
139/99/125, 18m in 184cm
80% Off-piste
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Designed to :
freeriders looking for a single pair of all-round skis: 40% piste, 60% off-piste.
2 years

Features of the product

Woodcore Tec is a construction with a wooden core and vertical edges. The advantage of this construction? It offers great versatility when skiing and superior comfort in all types of snow.
Tyrolia bindings, Adrenalin 13, Din 3 to 13. In 184 cm, adjustment from 299 mm to 362 mm. In 177 cm, adjustment from 270 mm to 330 mm.
Waxed and sharpened skis, ready to use. Edges sharpened at 89°.
What is an arch?
When placing a ski on the ground, its points of contact are found near the tip and heel, whereas the middle of the ski (under the bindings) is slightly raised (this is the camber). The longer and higher the camber, the greater the traction and more responsive the ski. The lower the camber, the more tolerant and manageable the ski.
What is a rocker?
On a rocker ski, the tip, and sometimes the heel, comes off the ground much sooner than with a cambered ski. This moves the points of contact towards the centre of the ski. The surface of the ski in contact with the snow is smaller: they are more manageable and buoyant on soft snow. When taking corners, the edge length offers more traction on hard snow. The longer the rocker, the more manageable your skis.
Free Float Rocker
Long rocker tip to facilitate fast-planing in powdery snow and facilitate taking of turns in hard snow. The slightly raised heel facilitates ski twisting.
What are ski sidecuts?
The sidecuts have 3 sides, the width of the tip (front of ski), the skate (middle of ski) and the heel (back of ski). The wider the tip, the easier it is to enter turns. The slimmer the skate, the more tenacious the ski on hard snow. The wider the skate, the more comfortable and stable the ski in changing snow conditions. The wider the heel, the more involved the ski in turns. The slimmer the heel, the easier it slides.
The strongest colltex skin. 65% mohair, 35% polyamide and a specific treatment guaranteeing complete resistance to wear, excellent ascension properties, good gliding in all temperatures. The perfect "Allround" skin.
Ski weight without bindings: Size 177 => 1920g per ski size 184 => 2040g per ski Fitting weight: 1460g per unit
139/99/125, radius = 18 m

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