The Reverse system

Keep your hands free for what is most important

When on ski lifts, for safety reasons, you must have your rucksack at the front of your body.

Otherwise, the skier or snowboarder risks getting caught on the seat when getting off or falling when in the air because they're incorrectly positioned on the seat.
However, many people keep their backpacks on their back because they don't have enough time to remove them and there are no other practical solutions available.

Reverse Safety Belt

Safety Belt easy rotation system:

To turn the bag around to be stay safe
on the chairlift and easy access
the contents of his bag

Ease of use :

Adjustable magnetic buckle
to remove the strap
quickly before swinging
it forwards.

To keep you safe with a simple and efficient system
Wed'ze has equipped its backpacks with
the exclusive "Reverse" concept since 2007

The "Reverse" concept (patent pending) enables you to swing your bag
forwards without removing the back,
belly or pectoral straps.
The concept has been optimised on the
FS 500 and Defense 700 models, to make the movement
even more intuitive thanks to a magnetic buckle that makes handling easier.

During the 2015-2016 season, you will find
the Reverse concept on the entire
Wed'ze rucksack range.

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The Reverse Backpack on video :

demonstration and instructions

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