What's your skiing level?

Quiz: what's your skiing level?

Do you know your skiing level? If you don't, try the test!

On the slopes you are:

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    Calm, I ski at my own pace with the desire to progress, without attacking the most difficult slopes.

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    An all terrain skier

    A fast and technical all-terrain skier, I master skidding and carving with my eyes closed.

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    At ease on most slopes

    At ease on most slopes, I improve my carving technique and I try to improve as quickly as possible.

What's your type of skiing day like?

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    Only groomed slopes

    Only groomed slopes, not too early, not too late, softly ...

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    A great freeride trip

    A great Freeride trip as soon as the sun rises, making sure that I have found out about the snow and climatic conditions before leaving.Groomed slopes and calm?I don't know!

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    On the edge of the slopes to test

    On the edge of the slopes for testing, a little detour between the trees if the weather is good, a few jumps in the snowpark if you fancy it and you want a try ... In short, all day going everywhere.

When it's about going to the snowpark, you feel:

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    The snowpark? 

    Le snowpark? It's my favourite playground! Have a look at my Youtube channel and admire!

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    Not so comfortable as on the slopes.

    A little less comfortable than on the slopes, these are only my first jumps. Small modules without taking too much risk suit me very well.

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    Let's go to the snowpark

    Let's go to the snowparkI'm ok thanks… I watch others do it much better than I do behind the nets.

According to the different types of snow, you will:

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    I glide and i love it

    I glide and I love it, everything's good for me when it comes to skiing!

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    Gliding everywhere with no difficulties

    Going everywhere without any particular difficulty, as long as I stay on the marked out slopes.

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    Groomed slopes are the best

    Groomed and smooth slopes are the best, for the rest it's another story ...

Freeriding signifies:

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    The absolute dream

    The absolute dream, miles of pow and unspoiled slopes where I move with ease and confidence.

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    A completely unknown world

    A completely unknown world, and that's fine with me ...

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    On the edges of the slopes

    On the edges of the slopes and I try to make my mark without going too far.

You feel the most at ease on:

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    An enormous mogul slope

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  • An enormous mogul slope on a wall of ice ... paradise!

    Slopes that start to get steeper

    Slopes that start to get steeper with narrow passages, where I can alternate turns and speed up.

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    Wide motorways without too much slope

    Wide motorways without too much slope wher I can do wide turns without going too fast.

Question bonus

terraces in the sun mean what for you?

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    A quick trip to the toilet

    A quick trip to the toilet, a cereal bar and a coffee and off we go!

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    Only after 12hrs skiing

    Only after 12hrs skiing, while I'm waiting for tomorrow ...

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    All the time

    All the time, 3 obligatory stops, we're here for the pleasure after all!

Discover your level!

Now that you've answered all the quesitons, it's time to find out your level. If you have a maximum of:

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    You have a "comfortable novice"level

    For you skiing, it is gliding at your own pace without any pressure with the desire to progress without forcing too much.

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    You have an"advanced"level

    Skiing has no more secrets for you.Powder, moguls, snowpark, you just keep going whatever the difficulties... which spices up your skiing all the more, and that's what you like.

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    You have an"intermediate"level

    You go everywhere without any great difficulty, you know how to carve.. As for the snowpark or going off-piste, you still have space to progress. While you're waiting, work on your thighs.

You now know your level of skiing, and you can easily choose the most suitable equipment. You can have fun without constraints on and off the slopes and make the most of all that the winter season has to offer.Are you ready to have fun in the snow?

Quiz  What's my skiing level?


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