Our 5 favourite sledge runs in the Vosges

The Vosges forest is waiting for you this winter. Check out our favourite sledge runs in this beautiful region. And if you want, you can enjoy a trip to Alsace which is close by!

Vosges 5 favourite sledging resorts

Mountain resorts are increasingly creating sledging runs. The Vosges and Alsace are close to Germany, a great sledging country, and have great sledging runs for all ages!

Sledging in Gerardmer

Gérardmer, the emblematic Vosges resort obviously has sledging runs! It has a sledging area with 2 runs. The runs are secure and one is more difficult than the other. Each person can sledge at their own rhythm and how they want.


From age 2

No ski-lifts

Sledging in Gerardmer

Wiigoo Gliss leisure park

What could be more fun than a leisure park dedicated to board sports? Especially when it has sledging runs for all ages. One 140 metre run accessible from the age of 2 with an adult or 6 to sledge alone. One piste for young children from the age of 18 months, with a gentle slope to start sledging without fear!

Prices: 15 € per person for the large park

Sledges must have brakes.

Carpet lift

From age 18 months

family sledging wiidoo gliss

Sledging run in La Bouloie in Bussang

Do you want to get away from classic runs? La Bouloie is for you! un unused 1.5 km section of road that has been turned into a sledging run. All you need to enjoy the famous Vosges forest on a sledge! The run is groomed of course, secured and completely closed to vehicles.

Free access

From age 7

No ski lift

Sledging La Bouloie

Sledging for all in Lac Blanc

The Lac Blanc resort 1200 has 2 secured sledging runs accessible by chair lift. The Blancrupt run offers close to 200 metres of downhill fun for younger children and the Calvaire run has over 20 metres elevation.

Sledging runs accessible for free with a valid ski pass

From age 2

No ski lift

Sledging in Lac Blanc 2000

Enjoy a small detour via Alsace in the Ballon d'Alsace resorts

Do you want make the most of your stay in the Vosges to visit Alsace? At the Col des Démineurs, you will find all you could wish for! A groomed and secured sledging run for young and old. If the pass is too high for you, there is another run in Langenberg.

Free access

No ski lift

Sledging Ballon d'Alsace

The fun bonus!


Do you want to go sledging in the evenings, even on skiing slopes, find out more from our resort's tourism office: "night sledging" events, usually for adults only, are sometimes organised.

Access to all these runs obviously depends on snow cover. 


Now you know all the best spots to go sledging in the Vosges and Alsace! 

Do you need a reminder on the equipment you need?

It's very simple: take your skiing equipment and good après-ski snow boots, and you are equipped!

You will be using your hands a lot on a sledge to brake and steer, and they will be quite close to the snow, so make sure you have a good pair of waterproof skiing gloves / mittens.

We never hear it enough, but for you, as for your children, wearing a helmet is crucial for all boardsports (skiing, snowboarding, sledging, etc.)

.Ski goggles, to protect your eyes from UVs and to see well even when you gain speed


Of course it is important to follow some of the following safety rules: 

- Don't start down the run if another sledge is in front of you, to avoid collision.

- Climb back up on the side of the run to not get in the other sledgers' way.

- Sledging on skiing slopes and on snowy mountain roads is forbidden.

In our series of video tutorials, our sledger tells you all you need to know to learn how to sledge safely. Here is our step-by-step advice to steer your sledge (wood, tray or snow shovel).