Non-slip adhesive pads for snowboard boards

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Key feature
These non-slip, adhesive pads can be stuck quickly and will not move thanks to the 3M glue. Good foothold without slippage on the board thanks to 12 rubber-type points.

User benefits

Structures with 12 points: maximum boot grip on the pad.
Non-slip material so that the boot does not slip on the pad.
3M Scotch tape for a very good bond between the pad and the board.

Technical information

Main part : 100.0% Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Designed to :
prevent feet from sliding on the snowboard when taking ski lifts.
2 years

Features of the product

Advice on gluing the pad to the board
It is important that you take 4 minutes to stick the pad down properly. 1. The board must be thoroughly cleaned before sticking the pad, using a damp sponge with soap or detergent, to remove the grease. 2. Rinse thoroughly to remove any soap. 3. Dry with a cloth. 4. Stick the pads where you want them, near the rear binding.
Choice of the position of the pads
Place the 4 pads where you place your foot when you use the ski lifts. Try simulating taking a ski lift before sticking the pad, to see where your rear foot will be. Attention! Do not glue the pads within 4 cm of the screw inserts, otherwise you will no longer benefit from the maximum setting of the bindings.

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