Non-slip adhesive pad for snowboards

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Key feature
These non-slip, adhesive pads can be stuck quickly and will not move thanks to the 3M glue. Your foot clings to the board without slipping thanks to the textured surface and the rubbery type material.

User benefits

Structure with relief points for maximum boot grip on the pad.
Non-slip material so that the boot does not slip on the pad.
3M Scotch tape for a very good bond between the pad and the board.

Technical information

One size.
Main part : 100.0% PVC
Designed to :
prevents your foot from sliding on the board when using a ski lift.
2 years

Features of the product

Advice on gluing the pad to the board
Take 4 minutes to stick the pad down properly. This is important. 1. The board must be thoroughly cleaned before sticking the pad = damp sponge with soap (or detergent). The aim is to remove any grease. 2. rinse thoroughly to remove any soap. 3. dry thoroughly with a cloth 4. Stick the pads where you want them
Choice of the position of the pads
There are 4 pads, placed in the areas where feet are placed when taking the ski lift. Before sticking, do not hesitate to simulate taking the ski lift and identifying the area where your front foot will be positioned. ATTENTION: DO NOT GLUE THE PADS WITHIN 4 cm OF THE SCREW INSERTS OTHERWISE YOU WILL NO LONGER BENEFIT FROM THE MAXIMUM SETTING OF THE BINDINGS.

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