MRZ 100 2-Person Sledge With Brake - Red

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Key feature
Brakes for stopping and steering. Rope with handle to pull up slope. Directional rails under runners for going straight and for more accurate steering.

User benefits

Brake control
Sledge has 2 powerful brakes enabling you to stop or steer.
Compact design
2.9 kg. L x W x H = 98 x 53 x 21 cm. Stackable.
Maximum weight 100 kg.
Ease of use
Rear carry handle. Rope and handle to pull sledge.
Glide performance
Very good glide performance. Directional runners: this sledge goes far and fast.
Impact protection
You are strongly advised to wear a helmet, goggles and gloves.

Technical information

Age limit
+ 4 years
Number of seats
1 / 2
Frame : 100.0% Polyethylene (PE) Brake : 100.0% Polyamide (PA)
Designed to :
adults and children, over the age of 4 years, for fun, fast sliding,with side handles for braking.
2 years


Storage instructions
Do not store in direct sunlight which will cause plastic to age prematurely.

Features of the product

User Guide
- Before each use, check the general condition of the product. - Do not leave child unattended. - Before using, make sure the brakes are working well. - Ensure there are no obstacles on the route (humans or other things). - Designed to be used on non-icy tobogganing terrain.
A word from the product manager
brake reinforcement in 2011 for extra safety with improvement noticed by customers during winter 2011/12. Thanks to this improvement, the resistance weakness of this sledge has been solved, and it can now be used intensively as it should. However, if a brake should fail, please contact us ( contacter) and our customer services team will send you a new pair of brakes. Very good glide performance.

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