Marie Martinod, partenaire Wed'ze

X Games medalist in 2013, Marie Martinod carries the brand’s colours at the major international competitions. Today she is one of the essential players in the world of women's freeski and a high-level sportswoman with an extraordinary career so far. Indeed, after having won everything, Mary stopped skiing in 2006 to focus on her family life. After 6 years of absence, she finally returned to the highest level by achieving her Olympic dream.

Along with her duties as a Mum, her trainings and the competitions, Mary is also involved, from the very beginning of the development and design with the Wed'ze teams, on the products tailored to her needs and those of freestylers that are then found in the store!

Your nickname ?
I haven't got a nickname ...

Where do you live ?
I live in Aime, in the Tarentaise. (Savoie, France)

Where were you born and what's your date of birth ?
The 20th July 1984 in Bourg Saint Maurice

How long have you been Freestyle skiing ?
Since I was 9/10 years old

What's your favourite ski resort ?

When was your last fit of giggles ?
Oh... I laugh a lot ! I cry a lot too ! I do have a very bad habit of living life at 500 miles an hour.

What is the most beautiful moment in your life so far ?
Oh that's an easy one ... becoming a Mum !

What's your favourite freestyle figure ?
I believe that you can love a trick done by someone because you like the style or the grab it incorporates, the flow. I find Toto Krief's double flat spin in the pipe just super stylish, and committed ! I love it ! If only I could do just one I’d be over the moon...

When the snow melts, what do you do ?
What I prefer doing on a Sunday in spring, is to go to our place in the mountains, with the family, by quad, or on foot, with "toutoune" (her dog) then a little game of French bowls with friends at the end of the day.

Sotchi 2014 was a dream for you, what has your medal changed for you ?
This medal has not changed me personally, but it has changed the way that people see me. Sometimes I meet people who recognize me but they don’t dare come and talk to me or ask me for an autograph, which surprises me as I basically feel like I’m the same person that I was before, but obviously my medal has changed something...
On a human level, I have made new friends among the Olympic and Paralympics’ medalists, spending time together at various functions. The 2014 group were really amazing, straightforward athletes, funny, with spirit, a real delight !

What are your objectives for this 14-15 season ?
Now that's really easy to answer : world champion, winner of the XGames in the US, crystal globe ! Yeah that’s about it !

Why did you choose Wed'ze to accompany you in your adventure?
Because a partnership is only useful if it works both ways. I was truly convinced that we had a lot to offer each other. It proved true on the skis; I could have never reached this level without Wed'ze's perfect help and support. The work done with the product design teams is paying off to the great satisfaction of the customers !

Half-pipe Olympic vice-champion
Gold Medal at the X Games in Tignes
Half-pipe French champion, ranked 1st in the SFR Tour
Bronze medal X Games Aspen 1st in the Whistler Invitational
1st in the European Open
1st in the US Open Winner of the World Cup
1st in the US Open

Discover Marie Martinod's amazing career in the trailer : « Au nom des miens » (On behalf of my family), which shows how she came back to the world of high-level sport and then to the Olympic Games in Sotchi in 2014.

Production : PVS Company / Réalisation : Laurent Jammet / Coproduction : Wed’ze

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