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Lugik - About us presentation of the decathlon sledge design team

Sledging By Decathlon 

Lugik is Decathlon's new sledging brand. Is that a smile on your face? Because you don't think sledging is really a sport? 

Well, we've succeeded in our first challenge, then: that of making you smile. With Lugik, the smile factory*, we're putting our money on you having fun, smiling and laughing when you give sledging a try. Whether on your own, with friends, or as a family with little ones, get ready to experience new sensations and unforgettable laughs!

And if you think tobogganing isn't much of a sport, we guarantee you'll change your mind after spending a few hours sledging with your kids, learning how to steer and working on your form as you explore the different types of terrain: sledge run, cross-country or freestyle sledging, and more. Yes, sledging is a real sport and we're determined to get you on board!


Lugik, at the heart of the Mont-Blanc valley

For this exciting new venture, we have set up shop at Decathlon's international design center, located in the legendary Mont-Blanc valley. There, a team of snow sports enthusiasts innovates and designs the sledges of tomorrow, by observing users practising the sport.
Lugik is a brand for little ones, too, offering dedicated clothing and equipment to allow them to discover all the joys of sledging in a warm and safe environment, with baby snow boots, snow suits, mittens, baby sledges, and more. Our motivation? To make sure you and your whole family can enjoy fun-filled days in the snow.

mountain store decathlon design centre at the foot of mont blanc
the lugik sledge design team

A team of enthusiasts

Behind Lugik lies a happy team of 8 people, all passionate about the mountains and snow sports.
To keep you smiling and sliding in the snow, our product engineer figures out how to technically design the sledges dreamed up by our Brand Manager and Product Manager. Then there is the Textile Product Manager, who is also a product engineer (and a mum, which is a big help when it comes to creating children's clothes).
Our supply and sales manager then manages the delivery of our products to stores throughout the world.
Do you like the design and colours of our products? Well, you can thank our effervescent designer. And finally, to present our collections to you in store, online or in video, a merchandiser and communications team make up the ranks, all suitably motivated to help you rediscover the joys of sledging in the snow!

Do you want to ask us a question, suggest an idea or just share your sledging experience? Send us an email, we'd love to hear from you.

Our star products

- You'll definitely have already seen one of our star products during your holidays in the snow, like the MRZ tray sledge, for example.  
You know, it's that plastic sledge with two handles to use as brakes on the sides. Thanks to this simple tool, you can have fun whizzing downhill as a pair or on your own!

mrz tray sledge

- We also have a gorgeous clothing collection specially designed for little ones. One of the star products that parents and children especially love is the Xwarm baby ski/sledging suit.
Featuring our Pull'nFit system, the length of the legs and sleeves can be adjusted to fit your child. Finally! A kids' ski suit that lasts for more than a season!

Wondering how the team got the idea? We explain everything in our video! 


At Lugik, we believe that babies can enjoy sledging and activities in the snow, on happy, fun-filled outings with the whole family.

All you need to do is make sure baby is suitably dressed, with clothing especially designed for them, and equipment tailored to their needs.

We've noticed that when sledging, babies tend to switch between moments of stimulation and discovery, and more static periods, sitting in their sledge.
To support them through all these different stages, we have designed products that help develop their motor skills, balance and autonomy while allowing them to make the most of their first sensations in the snow.
Baby will also be more vulnerable to the cold. Ideally, you should kit them out with a baby ski suit, specially designed for the temperatures encountered in a ski resort.

A tip from us, adopt the three-layer rule:
Layer 1, the second skin: A baby base layer (ski base layer, or tights) will wick away moisture to the outer layers so your little one stays dry.  
Layer 2, insulation: a fleece suit for extra warmth.
Layer 3, outer: the waterproof suit, to protect from the elements.

To find out more, check out our advice on How to dress your baby in winter and for skiing: 

warm baby snow suit

Now you know a little more about Lugik, the smile factory, Decathlon's sledging brand. Our aim: to help you discover sledging as a sport and enjoy fun-packed family days out, even with the little ones. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to get sledging!

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