the specialist cross-country skiing brand!

Whether you're a classic or skate Nordic skiing enthusiast...
looking for performance or just a wander in the heart of the countryside to unwind...

Inovik, the specialist Nordic skiing brand of the Decathlon group offers you innovative products, experiences and services to support your Nordic skiing activity.

Inovik, the specialist cross-country skiing brand!


"Make the enjoyment and the benefits of Nordic skiing accessible to as many as possible"
By designing technical and innovative products that are affordable and easy to use, we hope to inspire you to practice, progress and perform long term in Nordic skiing.

Inovik, the specialist cross-country skiing brand!


First store opening

Creation of the Quechua brand with the development of the first cross-country ski

Creation of the specialised cross-country skiing brand: INOVIK
Our name is inspired by the combination of the word to INNOVATE and INUVIK, the name of the first Decathlon cross-country ski.

EASY GLIDE, easy to enjoy!
Intuitive products and easy to use for beginners!
For you to practice easily and enjoy it more and more.

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a shared passion!

We are designers but above all passionate cross-country skiers!
Through our products, we hope to convey our passion for the sport, inspire you to take part and give you a magical sporting experience.

Inovik, the specialist cross-country skiing brand!
inovik design

how do we design
our products?

Our technical partners are an integral part of our product design process. Our design team combines its expertise with the skills of top-level athletes and cross-country skiing professionals, such as cross-country skiing schools, to design technical and high-performing products.

Since we want to offer perfect cross-country skiing products to as many as possible, we joined forces with the twenty or so athletes from the Decathlon Experience Team.
Our clothing range will be worn both for training and in competition by these young French and Swiss athletes who are among the most promising on the circuit.

Trousers, underwear, jackets, hats and gloves are subjected to extreme weather conditions and intense use, guaranteeing product quality for your activity.
However, relations between the team and Inovik don't stop there: the skiers are also asked to share their specific requirements and to contribute to new product development for the Inovik range.
We are proud to partner with the Decathlon Experience Team, for us it’s a sign of recognition!

“We are extremely pleased to be able to count on the professionalism and openness of the Decathlon Experience Team skiers. It’s a great honour to offer all skiers a cross-country skiing collection that has been developed, tested and approved by top-level athletes”.
Sylvain Fourt - Head of the Inovik brand.

our product range

Whether you take part in classic Nordic, skate, backcountry or even roller skiing.
Inovik offers you a wide range of technical, innovative and accessible products.


Discover our new collection
Winter 2020-2021

Inovik, the specialist cross-country skiing brand!

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