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Facilitate and make learning to ski and snowboard safer:

Our priority : To make accessible to the biggest number the pleasures and benefits of skiing, snowboarding and sledging.

In this context, finding solutions that make learning our sports intuitive, easy and fun is one of our priorities.

Maybe you
have the solution
to make this come true
for millions
of beginners ?

Facilitate and make the transportation of my equipment from home
to the resort safe, but also during the activity:

When our customers go to winter sports there are times
when the gear is a real nightmare.

If you have any ideas, or
solutions that could make the life
of skiers and snowboarders
more pleasant, contact us !

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Revolutionize your comfort – warm or cold:

One of the most uncomfortable
situations during winter sports is when you're
too hot or too cold.

Our priority is to design products
that provide the right comfort for you and your children,
from -20° to +15° on the slopes, in the queue
for the chair lifts and on the ski lifts.

Do you have a
solution or a patented
technology that meets
this need ?

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For ski / snowboard / sledge gear comfort:

The well-being of the athlete's equipment
is an important aspect of our work.

We strive to find technical solutions
to make our products fit and adapt to the majority
of sportsmen/sportswomen with the best comfort possible.

I put forward my idea

Maybe you have
a solution for more
comfort ?

Innovation to improve skiers and snowboarders safety:

Last but not least, your safety
is one of our priorities.

Finding solutions so that each skier, snowboarder, sledger can take part in their activity in all safety remains at the forefront of our minds.

If you have a patented
solution or an idea
that would make these sports
more serene for those
taking part in them,
tell us more !