The Max Edge E-tint goggles

Adapt your vision with just a click!

The weather changes fast on the ski slopes and the varying sunlight can be tough on the eyes.

Good visibility is essential for your safety. There are various types of screens available, adapted to the luminosity
(good/poor weather) that you can affix to your mask if it enables it. This can sometimes be complicated and many people don't do it
because they worry that they won't manage it and because it is not user friendly.

For you, Wed'ze has developed the Max Edge E-tint mask.

It enables you to adapt your visibility to the environment instantly by using a button on the side of the mask. In just one click,
the mask's screen tint changes, adapts to the outdoor light intensity and provides great visibility and utmost safety.
A single pair of goggles for comfortable, enjoyable skiing in all weather!

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Technical data

Sun protection
S2 and S3 (poor and good weather): 100% UV protection - EN standard 174
Field of vision
LCD E-TINT electrochemical soft screen, ventilated double screen and anti-fog treatment on inner screen
USB port (provided), autonomy 2 days of use for 1 hour of charging
Model designed for men and women

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This innovative product was presented at the IAD (Decathlon Innovation Awards), which rewards the best innovations of the year.
Check out this product and experience what E-tint looks like for yourself!