Illusion 400 Unisex Snowboard Bindings - Black

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Key feature
This traditional snowboard binding offers very good support thanks to its 3D strap. The cap strap on the toes makes it more comfortable, and it reacts well thanks to its rigid highback.
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3.64 / 5 11 ratings

User benefits

Good foot support at high speed on blue to black runs.
Fast acting
Turn Strap: 180° strap opening. Unhindered, quick foot entry.
Gas Pedal, front/rear highback.
EVA foam at the toes and heels.
Anatomic design
M: 36 to 42, L: 42 to 47.
Standard tightening system: pump until you get the required support. No limit.

Technical information

M= 4>8 // L=8 > 12.5
Foam : 50.0% Steel, Foam : 50.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Frame : 100.0% Polyamide 6.6 (PA6.6)
Designed to :
beginners to intermediate snowboarders seeking the support of a traditional binding.
2 years


Storage instructions
Before each trip, tighten all the binding screws. Storing for the summer: you can leave your bindings on the snowboard.
Restrictions for use
Not suitable for wide-fitting heels >95 mm: risk of wear

Features of the product

The Illusion 400 binding is a traditional snowboard binding to go anywhere: piste, off-piste and even snow parks - because it has a short yet stiff highback, giving good rear support for backside tricks as well as ankle mobility during spins.
Opening mechanism
Turn Strap System : the strap is mounted onto a hinge, which allows it to turn inwards when you lift your foot. When putting your boots on, the space is therefore free to introduce the boot in the binding without any obstacle. This also prevents the strap and hooks from being crushed by the boot when stepping in.
Available settings
The factory settings suit most people. However you can adjust the following to suit your needs: - the position of the highback (front/rear/side) by moving the position of the screws that hold the highback - the length of the gas pedal, particularly useful for large feet
What is the stance on the snowboard?
The stance represents the space between the 2 bindings in cm. To be adapted to your body shape, but it is worth noting that all the snowboards have a recommended position for the bindings ("recommended stance", indicated by a marker between the inserts of the bindings). If you need to widen or bring together your feet on the boars, test to see if it is better.
How do I change the spacing of my feet on the board?
For piste - off-piste boards, in order to bring together feet, bring back the front binding and to spread the legs, bring back the back binding. The aim is stay further back to complete successful turns and float on powdery snow. For freestyle boards (symmetrical), move the 2 bindings to remain on the centre of the board.
At which angle do I place my snowboard bindings?
For on-piste / freeriding use, we recommend +18° at the front, and 0° at the rear. For versatile-freestyle use, go for +18° and -6°. The openness of the rear foot gives more flexibility when riding switch. For pure freestyle use, feel free to opt for entirely symmetrical angles, e.g. +15° and -15°. Binding angles are very much a matter of personal choice. Feel free to check out what others are doing and try out different options. You may be pleasantly surprised!
Don't forget to centre your boots on the board!
The disc bindings with 4 screws, generally, can be placed in multiple positions. This setting is used to centre the boot on the snowboard and prevent the foot from protruding too far. The boot must therefore protrude from the board by an equal amount on both sides. The disc can also be rotated through 90° to alter the stance width in relation to the width set by the inserts. In this case, there is no option to centre the bindings laterally.
Which size should I choose for my snowboard bindings?
For illusion 400 bindings, we recommend: M = 36 to 42 / L = 42 to 47. As we try on boots inserting our foot, we strongly recommend trying the bindings with your snowboard boots as, based on brands, the same size can have a different volume.

Users reviews

3.64 / 5 11 ratings
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    30 December 2017
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    für snowboard boots Kinder

    Für die Kids zum Einstieg gut geeignet.

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    30-39 years old
    13 June 2018
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    Fixations de snowboard homme et femme Illusion 400

    manque de regidité (trop souple)

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    40-49 years old
    21 March 2018
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    gros débats sur les boots

    mauvaise surprise. j'ai changé mes fixations en achetant ce modèle et j'ai eu la désagréable surprise de voir l'état de mes boots Salomon dès la première utilisation. de larges dégâts liés au socle de la fixation et à des vis qui ont troué les chaussures. suis en mesure de vous faire parvenir des photos. je précise que mes chaussures n'avaient servi que trois fois une semaine en 4 ans et quelles étaient en bon état.

    Brand's answer :


    je vous comprend.
    Effectivement, j'ai eu connaissance de 6 personnes, en 2 ans de vente, avec des chaussures d'une autre marque, où cette fixation a abîmée la chaussure.
    Pourrais je vous demander des photos de la chaussure, de la zone abîmée, ainsi que les zones des vis de la fixation ?
    Avec ces personnes, chaque situation était différente et nous avons toujours trouvé une solution adaptée à la situation. Nous ferons de même.
    Merci d'être venu vers nous.

    Philippe, chef de produit.

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