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How do i choose what type of skiing activity i ant to do?

If you love speed, fresh snow, jumping or just going for a walk, it's time to find out which skiing activity is right for you!

The mountain is vast and its terrain varied, so it is only natural that skiing has adapted to it. From slopes perfectly prepared to combs filled with powder, all places are good for fun and sliding, in your own way.Discover with us the different skiing activities, to find the one that suits you!

1/ Downhill ski carving

You love speed and pure gliding sensations? 
In constant search for speed, you will apply yourself to achieve perfect curves, which you will chain together without you having time to breath.

Chaining together turns as quickly as possible while achieving the perfect carve, to enjoy thefreshly groomed snow, and push your equipment to its will be your daily pleasure with this type of gliding.

But you need to be very solid on your legs to control your speed and respect the safety of everyone around you on the slopes.

choose downhill carving

1/ All mountain skis

Are you looking for diversity, new terrains and new sensations? 
Just take your skis and go and explore the ski areas while enjoying great skiing sensations.

You will be able to take the time to make beautiful curves and have fun on any type of snow. 

Ideal to make sliding an endless pleasure!

choose all mountain skiing

1/ Freeride skiing

You love open spaces, nature and wild mountains?

You will find in freeriding all the ingredients that will reveal your adventurous talents.

Go off the beaten track, go and explore the mountain off-piste, and feel the full extent of your freedom in an endless landscape, make your mark in virgin snow, freeride will make you experience new sliding sensations.

choose freeride skiing

Be careful

You can easily try your hand at Freeride being accompanied by a guide or a ski instructor, whatever your level.

Please note this sport requires special equipment and a perfect knowledge of the mountain!

Never go off-piste alone and always find out about the state of the snowpack and the risk of avalanches.

1/ Freestyle skiing

You are looking for thrills?

In a half-pipe or on a slopestyle, the whole thing here is to have fun jumping, sliding, turning, performing tricks and riding modules in the most personal style possible. It will be the favorite sport of all those who love sport for its fun side, sharing moments with friends, and surpassing oneself.

Easily accessible at any age with good initiation, you can practice it almost everywhere in France with friends and with a smile!

Once again, for your safety, remember to assess your level in order to progress on suitable modules.

choose freestyle skiing

1/ Ski touring

Do you want to discover the mountain differently and escape the tumult of the crowd?

Ski touring is a sport that is practiced in the mountains on snowy terrain, on the ski area or off-piste and independent away from the ski lifts. 

This complete sports practice consists of skiing across the mountains, going up as well as going down.

choose ski touring

If any of these sports take your fancy, no problem, go ahead and try everything! The important thing is to have good sensations but take care of your safety so that sliding always remains a pleasure.

How do I choose which skiing activity to do?


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