How to Choose Your Snowboard Boots

How to choose your snowboard boots

First and foremost, your snowboard boots need to be comfortable and secure. And they need to work with your type of snowboard and ability.

More advanced snowboarders will want to get into the nitty gritty of the liners, materials used and traction, but if you’re searching for your first pair, start with the basics…


How to Choose Your Snowboard Boots


Beginners should opt for snowboard boots that are flexible

They’ll ensure comfort even while you’re falling over and pushing back up again and again.

Intermediate snowboarders will want a little more support and precision when travelling at speed, while experts will look for rigid snowboard boots with lots of support and may even want to buy a pair that are specifically designed for the type of terrain – park and jumps need a medium flex, while freeriding is better with a rigid flex.

How to Choose Your Snowboard Boots
How to Choose Your Snowboard Boots


Fast lock, boa or zone lock?

There are a variety a of different fastening types to choose from when it comes to your first pair of snowboard boots.

A fast lock fastening is probably the most common and easiest to adjust – just pull it tight and it’ll lock the laces in place.

A boa fastening is one of the most powerful and comprises a cable and wheel, while a boa coiler fastening has a winder and works a little quicker.

For a balanced sense of security and extra power and precision, choose a zone lock fastening, which secures across different areas. The cable lock 2Z fastening is the supped-up version of the zone lock and comprises a cable and wheel as well as a rip-tab at the tibia.