How to choose your ski boot size

Essential for skiing comfortably with good ski control and good foot support, ski boots often present a problem: how do I choose the correct size? Follow the guide!

1/ Choose the right ski boot size

Ski boot sizes are measured in Mondopoints, a unit that simply corresponds to the length of your foot in centimeters. A little bit of advice, allow 1 cm more than your normal shoe size, because ski socks are thick and take up space in your boots.

The tables below will help you find the right size to choose your ski boot:

Trying on ski boots is also essential

Easy to pull on, support, hard spots ... You will not know what is right for you until you have tried !

Below the steps to follow for trying on your ski boots:

• Put on the socks you use for skiing

Put the boots on and close the hooks to their half-way position. If you can close them further, it will mean that the volume of the boot isn’t suitable for you

•Stand up straight, you should be able to just touch the end of the shell
Be careful: if your toes do not touch the end of the boot, you need to take a size under!

• Bend your knees strongly down by pressing hard on your shins (put your hands on your knees to help you) to push your heel back in the boot. Your foot is pushed back and you should not be able to touch the tip of the boot with your toes.

Be careful: if your toes touch the end of the boot, take a size above.

Choosing the right ski boot volume

Choosing the right pair of ski boots isn’t just about the size; volume is also important.

Various parameters come into question such as foot width. You can measure it in your Decathlon store

Narrow: choose a shell width of 100 mm

Medium (standard) : choose a shell width of 102 mm

• Wide: choose a shell width of 104 mm

Beyond that, other elements can also affect your choice of ski boot size:ankle bone problems, a well-developed calf, a particularly high instep …

For this, don’t hesitate to keep the boots on your feet for a few minutes and walk around with them on for a while.This size or pair is incorrect should you feel any discomfort or pain. A Decathlon sales assistant will advise and help you find the right boots for your feet.

We hope this article will help you choose the right size for your ski boots!

How to choose your ski boot size


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