How to choose your hiking socks

How to choose your ski socks

Ski socks are an essential accessory for all skiers, snowboarders or ski tourers. Depending on their specificities, your choice will determine how you’ll be able to practice your activity in the best conditions.

Here, you’ll find our TOP 5 criteria to find the right model!

How to choose your hiking socks

#1 Heat and 
moisture wicking

Generally speaking, when we say that ski socks protect from the cold, we mean that they’re warm.
Thickness is the primary factor that protects against the cold and is achieved through a loop weave. The weave and composition of the sock will guarantee a real and constant supply of warmth. To do so, natural products are blended such as wool for its heat-retaining power and synthetic materials (such as polyester) for their capacity to evacuate perspiration.

Please note! A sock that does not breathe will be warm at the beginning of your activity, but it will become less and less warm if it does not properly wick away perspiration.

Good to know

The more intense your exercise is, the more important it is that your socks are thin and can wick perspiration. Conversely, the less intense your activity, the thicker the sock you will need. Our 50 sock is the warmest model because it is 98% acrylic, but not very breathable. It is therefore to be avoided for regular practitioners but particularly adapted for occasional use.

How to choose your hiking socks

#2 Good grip thanks to spandex

The fit of the sock on your foot is essential for your comfort throughout your days of activity. Get the right size pair and choose a model that contains more or less...spandex! Indeed, this elastic material allows for a tight fit and hugs the shape of the foot.

This prevents the formation of creases, for example. It retains excellent tensile strength, flexural strength and a soft, silky feel.

How to choose your hiking socks

#3 Choosing the right size!

Whatever your level, whatever your activity, it is important to choose the right size so that the sock envelops the foot perfectly, neither too wide nor too tight.
A sock that is too big can quickly lead to blisters.
Indeed, if there is too much material around the foot, there will be more likely to see folds, or areas of friction between the sock and the skin.
Try your sock on before you leave for winter sports to check that it fits your foot perfectly without compressing too much.

How to choose your hiking socks

#3 Thickness/padding

Although thickness has a role in providing warmth, it also has an impact on the shifting your weight in your ski boot. The thinner the sock, the more precision it will give you in your boots. Some zones and some socks offer you padded zones to enhance your comfort.

These are often:
> above the toes to focus warmth.
> on the shin, heel or ankle.
> For snowboarders, they can also be located behind the calf due to the very frequent pressure in this area.

How to choose your hiking socks

#5 Materials

> The wool in the sole delivers a combination of durability, insulation and a great capacity to absorb moisture.
> Acrylic provides thermal protection, but it is a bit fragile.
> Polyamide holds up to friction and is easy to care for, and is often used as padding on the heel and toe areas.
> The polyester used is water-repellent as well as highly friction-resistant and it provides temperature regulation.
> Elastane gives you perfect foot support from the sock.


Now that you know the essential criteria, let us help you choose the right sock for your activity. Follow the guide!

  • How to choose your hiking socks

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  • How to choose your hiking socks

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  • How to choose your hiking socks

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How to choose your hiking socks


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