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How to choose kids’ ski trousers?

Planning a family holiday in the mountains? Check out our tips on how to choose the right kids’ ski trousers.


You're going on a winter sports holiday with your kid and you're missing a pair of ski trousers in your suitcase... Follow our advice on how to choose the right ones so that they can enjoy the snow in warm, dry conditions!

Kid in the snow

The 2 main features of ski trousers

The primary aim of all ski trousers is to provide warmth and waterproofing, giving kids maximum comfort and protection from the outside elements.

Ski trousers are designed to insulate the kids’ legs from the cold. They are generally fitted with a layer of thermal insulation, which may be synthetic down or polyester. This insulation helps retain body heat and maintain a comfortable temperature, even in cold weather.

Kids’ ski trousers have a waterproof coating: coating or membrane. This waterproof construction prevents moisture from penetrating the inside of the trousers, keeping the kid’s legs dry. This is particularly important when spending long hours in the snow or making frequent movements that could lead to regular contact with the snow.

How to choose kids’ ski trousers?

Girls' trousers or boys' trousers?

At Decathlon, most of our ski trousers are gender-neutral. They can be just as suitable for a little girl as for a little boy, depending on the colour you prefer.

From the age of 8 to 14, some models offer specific cuts for girls and boys. For example, girls' trousers offer a more fitted cut, in keeping with the shape of a young girl’s development. Conversely, the boys' trousers offer a slightly looser fit.

ski trousers with shoulder straps

Ski trousers with shoulder straps

Most kids’ ski trousers are fitted with shoulder straps. The adjustable shoulder straps hold the trousers in place and prevent them from slipping when skiing. The shoulder straps also make it easy to adjust the size of the trousers, providing a perfect fit as your kid grows. What's more, ski trousers with shoulder straps offer better protection against the snow and cold by preventing draughts from getting inside. Thanks to their practical design, the shoulder straps can be easily adjusted or detached to suit your kid's preference.


Sizes from 1 to 14 years

At Decathlon, the sizes of ski trousers and salopettes are divided into three distinct categories to suit the different kids’ age groups.

Pull n fit ski trousers

The Pull 'N Fit system: trousers that grow with your kid

Have you heard of the innovative "Pull N Fit" system?
Fitted with small zips at the ankles, the leg length of Pull N Fit trousers can be precisely adjusted to the kid's height.
Thanks to this concept, no more trousers that are too short or too long! Simply pull up the zips to shorten them!

kid snowboard

Specific trousers for snowboarding

Does your kid want to start snowboarding?
Certain models of kids’ trousers are specially designed for snowboarding, thanks to 2 highly practical features:

• Warmseat: Extra warmth on the buttocks
When snowboarding, young and old alike often find themselves sitting on their buttocks. To boost thermal insulation, a wadding has been added to the buttocks that performs better than traditional wadding.

• Kneepad: Reinforced knee zones
Like the buttocks, the knees are often in contact with the snow when snowboarding. The Kneepad is a comfort foam at knee level, providing extra thermal insulation and comfort for the knees during breaks.

baby ski suit

Ski suits for all-round warmth and waterproofing

A ski suit offers all-round protection against the outdoor elements. Unlike separate ski trousers and jacket, a ski suit covers your kid's entire body. This means that there's no risk of snow or cold wind getting in between the layers of clothing, which guarantees better thermal insulation. So your kid stays warm even in the coldest weather.

Even so, the ski suit can be impractical in some cases: for example, taking a pee break becomes difficult because you have to take everything off. What's more, as the top and bottom can’t be separated, you'll have to put the ski suit on again after skiing or in the evening in the resort.In short, pros and cons... it's up to you to make the best decision for your kid!

The ski suit: perfect for babies!
We highly recommend the ski suit for babies! Toddlers are more likely to be passive than active, and ski suits keep them warm on long sledging trips, for example.

ski salopettes back protection

Salopettes for better waterproofing and freedom of movement

Salopettes are a good compromise between ski trousers and a ski suit. They provide extra warmth and a better seal around the upper body. With no discomfort around the waist, they also offer optimum comfort for children and good freedom of movement.

Some kids’ salopettes are even equipped with back protection, combining comfort and safety. We recommend these salopettes for daredevil kids who want to try their hand at freestyle or freeride.

kids’ ski base layers

What to wear under ski trousers?

To keep your kid’s legs warm and dry for winter sports, we recommend that they wear a suitable base layer under their ski trousers. Thermal leggings or tights are ideal, as they provide an extra layer of warmth around the body. These undergarments are made from technical materials that help regulate temperature and wick away moisture, helping to keep your kid's skin dry and comfortable all day long.


You now know how to choose the right kids’ ski trousers so that your little champions can fully enjoy the joys of skiing! To complete the outfit, don't forget the ski jacket, helmet and goggles for their safety, gloves and a pair of socks to protect their little hands and feet.

How to choose kids’ ski trousers?


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