How to choose a pair of freeride ski trousers

How do you know if a pair of trousers is right for you? Our advice on the technical terms and the latest technology will help you choose the one that's right for you for freeride skiing.

How do I choose my freeride ski jacket?


To keep warm and dry, use the rule of having 2 or 3 breathable layers.
In warmer weather, 1 breathable skiing base layer will be perfect to provide comfort, a bit of warmth and good perspiration wicking.
If it is a bit colder, our FR900 under-shorts will be perfect for giving you a bit more warmth in the right places.
In colder weather, you can combine several layers, while retaining good breathability.

How to choose a pair of freeride ski trousers
How to choose a pair of freeride ski trousers


To protect you from bad weather, the components of our jackets are waterproof.
The Schmerber standard: This is the waterproofing test of a component. This is subjected to a constant water pressure measured in mm.
The higher the pressure that the component can withstand, the more waterproof it is.These values range from 10,000 and 20,000 mm for our freeride ski jackets.

There are two types of components, those that are coated and those that have a membrane:
> The coating is a layer of polyurethane (PU) resin applied directly to the fabric.
> A laminated fabric is a fabric to which a film (membrane) has been stuck to make it waterproof.

Membranes are generally more waterproof, more flexible and more durable than coatings. All these components receive a treatment to make them water repellent, which is the capacity of a fabric to make water slide off its surface.
The waterproofing does not depend on the fabric being water repellent.

How do I choose my freeride ski jacket?

take a shower! ! !

In our opinion, the shower test is the most representative test because a product made out of a very waterproof fabric can still let water get through its seams, flaps or zips...

This is the reason why our freeride ski trousers have:
> 100% waterproof zips (or protected by a flap)
> All the seams are taped
> there are stringent design rules to guarantee the best waterproofing standards.

How do I choose my freeride ski jacket?

...and breathability

The breathability of a fabric is its capacity to wick away the water vapour generated by perspiration. It is specified on the label of your ski clothing with the RET rating. The lower the number, the more breathable the material.

So, why is breathability so important?
When making any physical effort, you will produce water vapour. The fabric will help you eliminate it but we provide large zipped air vents to help you regulate your perspiration more effectively.

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How do I choose my freeride ski jacket?

Follow the guide!

Warm? very warm? Breathable?
In order to choose the right ski trousers, it's up to you to adjust your second layer (fleece, down jacket) to have the best thermal comfort and the best feel. Carefully consider the ventilation (e.g. side zips) which are still the most efficient way of making a jacket breathable.

How do I choose my freeride ski jacket?

The key features of our Freeride ski trousers

Overview of the features to help you choose the trousers you need.

How do I choose my freeride ski jacket?

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How do I choose my freeride ski jacket?


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