How do I choose my freeride ski jacket?

How do you know if a jacket meets your needs? Our guidance on technical terms and the latest technologies helps you choose the one that suits you best for freeride skiing.

How do I choose my freeride ski jacket?

As the first snow falls, there’s only one thing left to do: ski! For great success during those first days of powder snow and to look good, we recommend you wear a good freeride ski jacket. It looks good but how do I choose? Explanation:


The diverse range of ski jackets, their technical qualities and the development of materials makes the choice difficult.
Nevertheless, if you follow the 3-layer rule then you will be well protected.

How do I choose my freeride ski jacket?

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Men, women, kids, here you will find all our freeride ski jackets and choose the one that's best for you!


2 techniques are used to protect you from bad weather: water-repellent treatment (or coating) or membranes.

> Ski jackets treated with a water-repellent treatment are only good for occasional wear as they are somewhat resistant to the washing machine and can become less watertight after a few washes.

> The membrane coating ensures waterproofing thanks to a fine, plastic layer between the layers of fabric. If the jacket also has waterproof seams or thermobonded seams, it will be extremely waterproof and breathable material that will be long-lasting and will protect you on any occasion. 

How do I choose my freeride ski jacket?
How do I choose my freeride ski jacket?

...and breathability

The breathability of a fabric is its capacity to wick away the water vapour generated by perspiration. Its waterproof rating in mm can be found on your ski clothing label. The higher the number, the more breathable the fabric. For example, a 10K breathability index means that in a typical 24 hour period, in normal activity conditions, 10,000 g of perspiration is wicked away through the fabric.

So why is breathability so important?
The majority of fabric used in technical clothing is water-resistant. A waterproof rating of 10K or more will keep you reasonably dry in heavy snow.

How do I choose my freeride ski jacket?

take a shower! ! !

In our opinion, the shower test is the most representative as a product designed with extremely waterproof fabric could absorb water through its seems, flaps or zips.
We also measure the fabric's resistance to water pressure. Results are expressed in water column mm or Schmerbers mm (1 Schmerber = 1 mm water column = 0.1 mbar)
Average rain water pressure falls between 1,000 to 2,000 Schmerbers. A garment that resists the pressure of a 1.3 metre water column (equal to 1,300 mm) is considered waterproof (meets the ISO 811 standard).

The higher the Schmerbers number, the more waterproof the fabric.

Freeride ski jackets have certain features that distinguish them from standard ski jackets. Watertight zips, collar lining, snow skirt, etc. So many extra functions to meet your needs. 


An overview of the functionality that will help you choose the right jacket for you.

How do I choose my freeride ski jacket?


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