DP17 - Destination les stations de ski !

head to the ski resorts !

Wed’ze by Decathlon gives you the secret to successful skiing holidays and the essentials you need to pack.

Not being be cold on ski slopes, enjoying the delights of snowsports safely and finally taking the children skiing to share good times as a family are the aims for 6.3 million French people who ski.

How to keep warm
on the ski slopes ?

Because they are afraid to be cold and ruin their day on the slopes, skiers and snowboarders tend to pile on layers of clothing. Despite this, you need only need 3 layers of technical clothing to be warm on the slopes.

Discover the comfort of skiing with 3 technical layers in video
Why wear
a skiing helmet ?

Although currently 95%* of children now wear a helmet, and up to 89% of teenagers do, only 56%* of adults wear one!


The first reason to wear a skiing helmet is to protect the head in the event of an accident,
as it is proven that a helmet can reduce the seriousness of injuries linked to an impact to the head.
Nowadays, warmth, comfort, style are also good reasons to wear a skiing helmet.

Feel 400 helmet
·   Men : sizes M/L
·   Women : sizes S/M
·   Colours available : blue and grey for women, black for men
·   PVC : 3999TTC
Bones 500 goggles
TO wear with the helmet and protect your eyes :
·   Colours available : white, grey, pink with patterns and yellow to patterns

·   PVC : 3499TTC

Innovating to help children discover skiing :
To learn to ski without stressing out parents
A fun harness

that will become your child's friend on the ski slopes ! The "Skiwiz" little monster will help children 3 to 6 years old discover the joys of skiing safely with their parents.
The harness lets you control your child's speed, making it easier to pick them up again if they fall and carry your child when taking the chairlift.

Skiwiz harness
·   Colour : blue
·   PVC : 1499TTC
Ski boots kids 500 Pumzi: for little feet that never stop growing!

1 pair of boots: 4 sizes!
Pumzi ski boots adapt to the size of the child's feet thanks to an inflatable system that regulates the volume of the footwear. The ski boots that you can use for two consecutive seasons.

Pumzi ski boots
·   Sizes : 16.5 to 18.5 and 18.5 to 20.5
·   Colour : blue
·   PVC : 7499TTC
The ski trousers that you can keep 2 years :

Parents will love them! Put an end to trousers dragging on the ground with the pull’n fit trousers, with adjustable leg length and removable braces. 

Trousers 300 Pull’n fit
·   Sizes : 4 to 14 years
·   Colours : blue, red, pink, yellow and purple.
·   PVC : 2999TTC

Source: Mountain doctors's association website – winter sports accidentology – the figures