Expedite 300 Quick-Release Snowboard Bindings - White and Black

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Key feature
This snowboard binding has a memory tightening system for stepping in/out while standing up. Adjust it once and then clip/unclip the single big central buckle. Step in, lock and ride!
Users reviews
3.46 / 5 13 ratings

User benefits

Good foot support at high speed (green to red pistes).
Fast acting
Ultra fast thanks to its memory tightening system. Step in, lock and ride.
Gas Pedal + front/rear highback + memory tightening strap system.
EVA foam at the toes and heels.
Anatomic design
M = 2.5 > 6.5 L= 5.5 > 8.5 XL = 8 > 14
Wide monostrap, which is articulated at the centre for very comfortable support.

Technical information

Foam : 50.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), Foam : 50.0% Stainless steel Frame : 100.0% Polyamide 6.6 (PA6.6)
Designed to :
beginner (or even experienced) snowboarders seeking quick-release bindings for stepping in/out while standing up.
2 years


Storage instructions
Each time you go onto the slopes, remember to tighten all of the screws on your bindings.During the summer, you can indeed leave your bindings on the snowboard.

Features of the product

A word from the product manager
The side-entry system of the Expedite 300 is very quick to use, as long as you take the time to correctly adjust them the first time you use them. Once they have been properly adjusted, you no longer have to touch them and each time you put your boot in the binding, you will have the same setting (memory tightening system).
Programme / Terrain
The Expedite 300 is designed to make riders' lives easier by saving time during boot entry/exit. It has all the support required for beginner and even advanced level riders. It is perfect for all-terrain/piste/off-piste use. If you going very fast, we recommend that you switch to a traditional binding with an ankle strap (most powerful strap system available) for excellent support of the boot.
Opening mechanism
Handy tip: for an initial simple adjustment, position your foot + boot in the binding, fasten the buckles without clipping them and adjust the 2 ratchet buckles to their maximum setting. By clipping the buckle, you're setting will already be good. After a few descents, you can adjust the settings more precisely: tightening them a little more provides extra support while normal tightening provides maximum comfort. Note: the big buckle is inside for a more natural opening/closing action.
The available settings
The factory settings suit most people, however you can adjust the following to suit your needs: -The position of the highback (front/rear/side) by moving the position of the screws that hold the highback. -The length of the gas pedal, which is particularly useful for those with big feet. There is no adjustment of the canting of the spoiler on this binding.The convenient adjustment of the gas pedal is done without tools and without having to remove the binding (see instructions).
Stance (binding spacings)
To be adapted to your body shape, but it is worth noting that all the snowboards have a recommended position for the bindings ("recommended stance", indicated by a marker between the inserts of the bindings). Note: increasing the stance width will lower your position on the board and improve stability. This also helps for aerial rotations. On Freestyle boards, the "recommended stance width" is generally wider than on all-mountain boards.
Adjusting snowboard binding angles
For on-piste/Freeride use, we recommend an angle of +18° at the front and 0° at the rear. For multipurpose/freestyle use, a +18° and -9° angle is preferable (the openness of the rear foot gives more flexibility when riding switch). For pure freestyle use, feel free to opt for entirely symmetric angles, e.g. +12° and -12°. However, binding angles are very much a matter of personal choice. Feel free to check out what others are doing and try out different options. You may be pleasantly surprised.
Centring of the bindings on a snowboard
Disc bindings with 4 screws can slide along a single axis and generally have 5 possible settings. This setting is used to centre the boot on the snowboard and prevent the foot from protruding too far. Otherwise you are guaranteed to fall. The boot must protrude from the board by an equal amount on both sides. The disc can also be rotated through 90° to alter the stance width in relation to the width set by the inserts. In this case, there is no option to centre the bindings laterally.
Which size should I choose for my Expedite bindings?
We recommend: M = 2.5 to 6 L = 5.5 to 8 XL = 8 to 14 Just as you would try on a boot with your own foot, it is strongly advisable to try out the bindings with your own snowboard boots. Because, depending on the brand, the volume of a particular size of boot may vary.

Users reviews

3.46 / 5 13 ratings
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    12 March 2017
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    Top Bindung

    Bin diese Bindung jetzt zweimal gefahren und bin voll überzeugt. Sehr stabil aber der absolute clou ist der schnellverschluss. Mit nur einem Griff ist die Bindung geöffnet oder geschlossen.

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    30 January 2017
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    gute bindungen

    hab die mal für einen tag mitgenomen.. haben sich gut gezeigt

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    20-29 years old
    19 January 2017
    Use since 7 to 12 months
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    Rotas en 4 veces

    Se me han roto en el quinto uso y no hay manera de encontrar repuestos sueltos

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