All ski and snowboard freestyling champions are in the starting blocks : they are about to head out to THE event of the season, the Aspen Winter X-Games, which are to take place from 22nd to 25th of January 2015.  Always wanted to know more about this fancy sport ? Let's uncover together this next door planet, and follow the performance of our French Olympic Half Pipe Vice-Champion, and Wed'ze Technical Partner, Marie Martinod, who just arrived in Aspen.

Freestyle skiing or snowboarding is about carrying out jumps from modules made out of snow or metal. Once in the air, the challenge for the rider is to perform tricks, mainly rotations from left to right, or reverse, and up and down, and grab their skis or snowboard in different manners, before landing on their feet (meaning : skis or snowboard), sometimes in fakie mode.



Now you wish you can try out some freestyle next time you go skiing ? Head out to the Snowpark : this is where you will find th emodules and can learn how to jump. Or you can go off-piste and do some backcountry skiing, using the natural hoops of the terrain to perform perfect tricks. You can also attend an event in the resort you visit, as more and more competitions are organized in ski resorts all around Europe, often with an amateur category, with demos from the pros. Delightful shows that will amaze the whole family, and that will give you a taste of the best of freestyling. 


But no need to wait for your next moutain trip to get your eyes full of freestyle wonders! From 22 to 25 January, the best of Freestyle skiing and snowboarding is gathered in Aspen, Colorado, for the X-Games. Tantamount to the Olympic Games but for extreme sports, this event is the climax of the freestyleing season, and it will deliver of bonfire of tricks, each being crazier than the other, in a unique atmosphere. On the menu: Big Air, Slopestyle and SuperPipe (a XXL Half Pipe). Just back from an injury suffered during the trainings at the Copper Mountain World Cup event, Marie Martinod will enter the SuperPipe competition. The whole program is online on the event's website, and you can follow trainings and competitions heats live on the American sports dedicated network ESPN…


And let's wish Marie good luck, and to all the champions! 

Rédactrice, blogueuse et passionnée de ski
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