The whole Wed'ze ski range


A ski and snowboard brand, born in Haute-Savoie, France almost 10 years ago, Wed’ze is first and foremost a team of enthusiasts focused on one goal – safety for all skiers and riders. Season after season, our range harnesses new technologies to make skiing and snowboarding easier, with product families designed to live the snow to the full, as users want and whatever their individual ability level. Do you want to find out which is the right “family” for you? Check them all out here!


Do you prefer cross-country?

Welcome to the Cruising family. The products in this family glide easily and run fast on piste – and along the edges. Our Cruising range lets you do it all! Upops or Onecharm skis for quiet glides on groomed snow. First steps in Cross Country with Ladybelle for women and Crosslander 8.0 for men.



Are you an on-piste speed skier?

Welcome to the Speed family! Your buzz is on-piste speed, wide-radius turns and streamlined trajectories? Maximize piste burn with Wed’ze! Onebreaker guarantees immediate skiing fun. And Linebreaker is designed for beautiful turns and fast learning of how to carve very short-radius turns.


Do you love the Great Outdoors?

Welcome to the world of Freeride. If you enjoy off-piste skiing, floating in powder and signing virgin snow, we have the powerful, high-performance skis you are looking for – Samurai Freeride. And Mad Samurai, an original “Short Fat” ski concept, equally at home on piste, in powder – and in snowparks.



Are you a park bomber?

If tricks are your treat, you are 100% Freestyle! Our Twin Tricks are specially designed for figures, jumps and tricks in snowparks. Extremely general-purpose skis which are great on piste and brilliant in the pipes! Marie Martinod won the European X Games on her Twin Tricks and is using them again this season to hunt for Gold!


Are you a budding champion?

Welcome to the Junior range! Onebreakers for boys and Starliners for girls. Absolutely the best skis to develop your talent. And for 3-4 year olds, fun starts early with Uskis, the most playful way to learn how to balance on the snow. Uskis can even be fitted with seats and turned into sledges for when your kids get tired. An astute concept hallmarked Wed’ze!


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