*Wed'ze Inside* : what did the Wed'ze team do this summer?

During the summer, the Wed'ze team do go on holiday... sometimes... But mostly, they prepare the next ski season. Meet 4 team members, their position and their favorite product for this coming winter season.




  • Matthieu, product manager, men clothing

    His job: A rpoduct manager is there to observe and listen the skiers around the world in order to find out what they need then create with the team the products that meet their expectations.

    His summer: I handle 3 collections in the meantime

    His holidays: I cycled the "Etape du Tour" (amateur cylcling race)

    His favorite product: the new collection of Evoslide jackets

What do you do during the summer?
The summer is really a turning point for us. We manage the last fittings of the coming winter collection, that you will discover in your local stores this autumn, the creation of next winter's collection, and the we also work on the trends for the collection to come in three years... See, no time to get bored!

Did you go on holiday?
Yes, I took 3 weeks off in july and August. I ran the "Etape du Tour", an amateur cycling race following the same itinerary as the "Tour de France". I trained hard during 4 months with my colleagues at Wed'ze to do it. 

What product of the coming season would you flag as your favorite?
It's always difficult for me to have a real favorite, but I must admit that the new collection of Evoslide jackets really has something special. We worked hard to make a very thechnical yet super trendy jacket for a budget under 50 euros! You'll find out more about it very soon in your local dealer store.

  • Justine, babay and junior clothe designer

    Her job: I am in charge of drawing the products that will convey the brand's identity and the trends, according to the product manager's brief. 

    Her summer: the last fittings of the collection

    Her holidays: on a deckchair in Greece

    Her favorite product: the Midstyle girl jacket

What do you do during the summer?
Summer, for me, is the time for the last fittings of next winter's collection. The whole 2016-2017 winter collection is apporved on paper by mid-july. From that point on, we fill in the data sheets regarding colors, fabrics, accessories, graphic design... So that the supplier can provide us with nice prototypes, as close to the final result as possible.

Did you go on holiday?
By the time I am answering your question, I am sunbathing on a deckchair on the beach in Greece. Otherwise, I enjoy summer to go on hikes and do nautic skiing on the Leman Lake(Geneva Lake), I love the sensations and it's really good to keep a good shape!  

What product of the coming season would you flag as your favorite?
The Midstyle girl jacket. It's a real bet design speaking as it's the first time we make a demi-zip jacket. Let's just say this is one of next winter's big freestyle trends, so you will be stylish in the park, and outside...



  • Roxane, Women ski jackets and trousers engineer

    Her job: The job of product engineer is about conceiving and developping a collection in accordance to the product manager's brief: what price, what time frame, what use…

    Her summer: I travelled to visit our suppliers

    Her holidays: one week of farniente

    Her favorite product: the Maxcarve warm ski jacket

What do you do during the summer?
Summer is very busy for us, as we work on the 2016-2017 collection. I travelled to meet our suppliers to talk about the new products and finalize our tehcnical choices.

Did you go on holiday?
Yes, I took one week off at the end of August, one week to relax as I Am 5 months pregnant! I did some swimming and some walking, but mostly farniente. 

What product of the coming season would you flag as your favorite?
For this winter I have a real crush on the Maxcarve warm ski jacket. It's a waterproof parka with a very feminine and sporty look that I really like.


  • Gregory, photo and video production manager 

    His job: I create all photo and video content for the brand, I make sure it stays coherent, and I make it available for our international teams.

    His summer: I finish the production of phots and videos for the Decathlon stores.

    His holidays: it's essential to relax and get back with my energy tank full!

    His favorite product: the new Wed'ze Freerando ski…



What do you do during the summer?
I split my summer in two parts. The first part is dedicated to finishing the production of photos and videos for the Decathlon stores. The second part is dedicated to preparing the coming season: identify the nedds and select the products that will be featured in the images for the next season.

Did you go on holiday?
Yes I did. It's essential for me to relax and come back with my energy tank full. I went to Faro, on the coast in Portugal, with two friends. We're all outdoor passionates so our program was simple: cycling in the morning, siesta at the beach in the afternoon, and some jogging in the evening.

What product of the coming season would flag as your favorite?
Our new Freerando ski, with versatile detachable bindings to switch to touring mode, perfect to access freeride spots that no one has riden yet!