wed'ze 10 years already - your ski and snowboard decathlon brand

Wed’ze Inside: they are Wed'ze

It's already Wed’ze's 10th anniversary! Time flies... 10 years that we ride along with you on the slopes and that we share your passion about skiing and snowboarding. Because yes, Wed'ze is about passion, and the people at Wed'ze, those who create and design skis and snowboards, are passionate about what they do. For the brand's 10th anniversary, some of them share their memories with you, and I must tell you that we too have changed over these past 10 years! 


wed'ze 10 years already - your ski and snowboard decathlon brand


Michael Tranchard, 43, Retail Supplier

10 years ago I was Logistics Director of Decathlon Russia, based in Moscow. My main assignment, for 5 years, was to ensure that our first Decathlon stores would be correctly supplied, basically being the link between our suppliers and our Russian clients.  

This is how I got to ski in Krasnaya Polyana, future location of the ski competitions of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. There were only 2 or 3 hotels then, and a unique ski lift that would take you up in 45 minutes...


Wed'ze 10 years anniversary - your decathlon ski and snowboard brand


Philippe Tiercin, 44, Snowboard Product Manager

10 years ago, I had been in Sallanches for 3 years already, working as a Shoe Product Engineer for Quechua. I was working on the snowboard boots, but also the après-ski boots and the mountaineering boots. I was about to transfer to Wed'ze when the brand would be born, to work on the snow and the ski boots.


My best memory would be this unforgettable skiing day in La Giettaz ski resort: big pow pow day in the forest. The title of the photo album on my computer has remained "THE best week-end". You can imagine how good it was...


Wed'ze 10 years anniversary - your decathlon ski and snowboard brand


Florence Valcke, 46, Brand Leader for Wed'ze

10 years ago I was Ski/Snowboard Woman and Junior Textile Product Manager, located in the mont Blanc Valley.


Charles Baudelaire said in one of his poems "I have more memories than if I was a 1000 years old!". I have that kind of sensation when I remember my extraordinary experience as a product manager, at the heart of my passion for snow sports.

My best memories are the "clients' active listening", meetings where we would invite clients to discuss with them: whole evenings, until midnight sometimes, where we would debrief the comments on products, but also the needs and expectations for the future products. 

I also keep the memory of the develoment with my team of the Pull'n'fit pants, a pant with adjustable length, a product that was a huge success and that stills exists! 


wed'ze 10 years already - your ski and snowboard decathlon brand


Matthieu Robert, 40,  Men Textile Product Manager

10 years ago I worked for Decathlon Russia. I was based in Moscow, where I stayed for 4 years. I handled the commercial direction for the Decathlon in this country, setting up the product offer of Decathlon for the Russian clients.

Russia, country of cold... and snow. I took adavantage of being there to go on several skiing trips. In Sochi, in the Caucasus region, where we had exceptional powder days thanks to the Russian helis! 

It also brings back wonderful memories of ski touring in Kamchatka, in the far east of Russia (near Vladivostock). The snow scoots would take us to cabins about 4 or 5 hours away from the first road. We would spend a few days completely isolated in lost valleys, climbing the volcanoes of the Kamchatka on our skis...and bathing in the geysers!


wed'ze 10 years already - your ski and snowboard decathlon brand


Amandine Mini, 30, Designer

It's funny because 10 years ago I had actually just arrived at Wed'ze. I was starting my work-linked designer's degree, I was 2 weeks at school in Roanne (near Lyon) and then 3 weeks at Wed'ze, surrounded by the mountains. It was a pretty intense year but also my best memory of my years studying. Being able to work part-time as a part of my degree, before I was to dive into the real world, was just a really great experience!


When I arrived at Wed'ze I used to ski. Curious, I wanted to try snowboarding, which resulted in epic memories of days with my "lower back" on the snow... Until the day you finally make it and you go off piste for the first time. Jus magic! 


Wed'ze 10 years anniversary - your decathlon ski and snowboard brand


Jonathan Bertoni, 24, Image Leader

10 years ago I was 13 years old and I would be competing in freestyle skiing. I keep insane memories of that time, with podiums and good times shared with my best friends, all skiing passionates! 


It's a real chance to be able to work for a ski brand today, and work to make this sport I am passionate about and that I grew up in, accessible to the greatest number.


Wed'ze 10 years anniversary - your decathlon ski and snowboard brand


Severine Ducrot-Duperier, 39, Product Manager

10 years ago I was 29 years old (OMG, what a beautiful age...), I was the manager of the Lyon Part-Dieu Decathlon store. A very demanding and exciting job in a store that is constantly shifting, as being in a shopping mall. I was lucky as I had the Monday off (and no kids yet), which meant I could go skiing for Sunday-Monday week-ends all winter, with the pistes all to myself on Mondays... 


wed'ze 10 years already - your ski and snowboard decathlon brand


Eric Leblond, 59, Wed'ze Technical Director

10 years ago, when Quechua and Wed'ze parted (when Wed'ze was created form the partition of the teams), I was Quechua's Market Manager for Ski and Snwoboard - position I then undertook at Wed'ze when the brand was created. 


I come from the South of France and I developped a passion for skiing as soon as I tried it when I was little. That's why when I became a father I have always wished to share my passion with my kids, and hoped they would develop the same love for snow sports. They are now better than I am on skis: Arthur, the freestyler, can do back flips; Florian a ski instructor, and Edgar (on the photo) is also a very good skier. This passion drove me to be active in the Saint-Gervais ski club for 10 years and to get a judge licence for ski races. I live my passion for skiing with my family, which is great.

Pauline MARTIN
Dialog leader