*Wed’ze Inside* Reverse Backpacks: interview with the new collection's product manager

While this year's new collection of Reverse backpacks is being launched, we met with Quentin, product manager at Wed'ze, to learn more about this famous handy and innovative product.


Quentin, product manager at Wed'ze, trying out his favorite product in the field...


What exactly is the Reverse system?

The Reverse technology is in fact a little trick that allows you to swivel your backpack to the front very quickly. The system comes with a magnetic or mechanical buckle. The buckle makes the rotation of the bag very intuitive and quick. Advantages of this system are mutltiple: easy access to all your stuff in one movement, safely getting on the chairlift by easily placing your backpack in front of you…


How and when was the Reverse system born? 

The idea came to Pierre in 2006. He was a product manager back then, and he had noticed when going skiing how people were bothered with their backpacks when getting on the chairlift, sometimes placing them in dangerous situations.

A year and some research & developement later, the first backpacks with the Reverse technology were born.



Why such a concern?

Today, carrying a backpack when getting on a chairlift can be dangerous, and is even forbidden in many resorts. Dropping off a chairlift because of your backpack is a serious risk. And Wed'ze has your safety at heart. So creating a backpack that would be handy, comfortable, that would ensure your safety on the ski lifts, and that would be accessible to everyone just made sense to us.


How has the Rverse system evolved over the years?

The technology is pretty much the same, the system being perfect for skiers and snowboarders alike. But the buckle has evolved, over the seasons, getting easier to use and more intuitive. Today we have, on some of the Reverse products, a magnetic buckle, making the system easier to manipulate. Over the past 8 years, we can count 4 different buckles. We work all the time to make the Reverse tehcnology easier and more intuitive.


A tip of advice regarding the Reverse backpack?

Just use it! Anytime, for any reason, just go out there with your Reverse. Once you get the hold of it, it just makes your life easier!


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