Wed'ze Inside: learn everything about the ski design.


You like your skis, as much for the thrill of skiing as for the awesome design they have? So do we! And at Wed'ze, the design of a ski, what makes its charm, is as important to us as its technical qualities, that make it special. Where do these designs come from? How do they end up on your skis? From whose mind were they born? It's the creativity of our designers here at Wed'ze, snow sports and art passionates, that is expressed in the skis. Caroline Perez, designer at Wed'ze, opens the doors of this mind blowing world designed to make the sport more beautiful.


Wed'ze : hello Caroline, can you explain the job of a designer in relation to ski?


It's a constantly evolving profession, one that I saw arise when I started working in the ski industry, 20 years ago, after graduating in applied arts. It's a very comprehensive profession, in which you get to imagine an identity for skis, poles, bindings and boots. Then you turn that identity into drawings, colours, names, accessories... To get, in the end, nice skis with matching bindings, boots and poles. The total look to go riding!


Wed'ze : how is the design of a ski born at Wed'ze?


We are a whole team at the ski design, and what we do is first, we do brainstormings, everyone one of us alone and then we get together. We bring our ideas, our instinct, but also our analysis of what the competition does, of the trend we want to apply to the Wed'ze skis. It's when we bring it all together that it starts making sense and, a story becomes to write itself, that sticks to each manner of skiing: on piste, freeride, freestyle and all terrain. We set up a workbook with guidelines and specifications that will give birth to the different collections.


Wed'ze : what are your inspirations?


Designers are real sponges, everything is an inspiration! There are trend makers and their analysis are a very good source of information. Trends come from Art, music, fashion or car design, probably the best and the most followed of all design fields.



Wed'ze : what are the different steps that lead to the ski we ride?


The ski must allow you to ski in the mountain, that is the first requirements of all! So engineers and product managers tell us about what they requirements, and we blend that into our creative process. For example, if the ski is specifically a good ski for carving, my work and that of my team will be to make it look like carving. And also that you know, at first glance, that it's a Wed'ze ski.


So in practice, for a ski, we propose 2 or 3 designs, then we choose one that we finalize for the ski. A prototype is made with the design, that will allow us to see the final result and correct what needs to be. At last, a pre-series is manufactured, that will arrive in December, and tht we will use for photo shoots and field tests. So yes, the luckiests among you get the chance to know the skis of the following season a year ahead! And this is the last chance for us to make adjustments on the details, the colours, etc... 


Wed'ze : what are the current trends?


We can see two big trends emerge, very in tune with our time. One is quite futuristic, with light rays, brightness. The other one brings us towards the roots, with traditional colors and fabrics like wool, leather, earth colour, brown, very retro.


Wed'ze : do you think there is a "Wed'ze design"?


The particularity of our brand is this very bright mood, close to people kind of atmosphere. Wed'ze is a technical brand, born and raised in the mountains, but our values are marked with joy, pleasure, we do what we do for people so we always put bright colours, energy, in our products. Snow sports and riding the mountain is about fun, happiness, and we want to enjoy riding our ski as much as looking at them.


Wed'ze : thank you Caroline, we can't wait to discover next season collection now!

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