wed'ze inside: the bowl's life

*Wed’ze Inside* : Wed’ze, the bowl's life

On this 1st of April, we honor two special members of our Wed'ze team: Gwendoline Splash and Martin Bubble, the goldfishes of the office. Discover our exclusive interview of these two colorful characters.


Hello, can you introduce yourself?

GS: Hello, My name is Gwendoline, I am a Bowl engineer at Wed'ze since 2013.

MB: Hi, I'm Martin, I joined the Wed'ze team on the same day as Gwendoline as Bowl manager.


Wed'ze inside: in the fish eye



How do you feel since you started here? Is the work atmosphere nice?

GS: I am completely delighted of the work atmosphere. Nobody is lazy here. I can see people working with passion and motivation everyday, designing technical and innovative products to match our customers expectations. It is really rewarding to be part of such a team like the Wed'ze team.

MB: Our bowl is ideally situated between the office of the innovation engineers and the one of the field testing engineers, right in the centre of the office. And all I can say is that I am quite a star... Everytime someone stops by the bowl, I can run my show: perfect line, romantic look, sharp fins, a real gliding spectacle! They laugh, and it's a win for me...


Wed'ze inside: in the fish eye


How did you fit in the team? Was it quick and easy?

GS: Well, I won't give any names, but there were some skeptics when we got here. Some even gave us only 5 days to last... But if you ask me, it is always easy to fit in as long as you do your job and do it well. So here we are, 2 years later, doing well and very happy.

MB: It's true to say that when we arrived, people were a little worried, but I got everyone to relax and now we are the mascotts at the Wed'ze office, well at least I am... I'll just take a minute to thank Aurelia, who brought us here and who takes good care of us. Nothing would have been possible without her!



Wed'ze inside: in the fish eye


What is Wed'ze to you?

GS: I was most astonished to discover when I arrived at Wed'ze that the brand is a real designer of products and innovation. The people here imagine, design and create every Wed'ze product here, in our Haute-Savoie offices. Product managers, engineers, designers, stylists... They're always thinking innovation and do their very best everyday to create the products that will make skiing and snowboarding easier, more comfortable and funnier for everyone.

MB: Wed'ze is above all a team, like a family, with a young spirit, well especially since I joined them... Skiing and snowboarding according to Wed'ze is mostly having fun and sharing it with family and friends on the slopes. In short, Wed'ze is snow and smile! Just like me, you know... And you can understand that we're better off here at Wed'ze than we would be at Caperlan, fishing brand of Decathlon...


And you go riding often, I guess?

MB: Of course! Everytime we get the occasion, we go on the slopes with the latest Wed'ze products and the field testing engineers for a real conditions testing. It's good to get out of the bowl sometimes...


Wed'ze inside: in the fish eye


Anything to add?

GS: Splash!

MB: When do we eat?



Pauline MARTIN
Dialog leader