Tobogganing: pure glide!

All of us, adults and kids alike, have memories of all-out toboggan runs – one of the  rare glides grandparents can share with their children and grandchildren. With Wed’ze toboggan product manager Philippe, find out why tobogganing is likely to be a top snow sport this winter.



Hello Philippe, why is Wed’ze into toboggans?

Quite simply because we are deep into gliding and tobogganing is how most people discover the snow for the first time! Moreover, as Décathlon is a family store, toboggans are natural products for us.


Is tobogganing still in fashion?

More than ever! 3 years ago, we only had a few in store. After an enormous amount of work by the Wed’ze teams, we have grown from 1 model to 7, all with very different characteristics.


What is the secret of a good toboggan?

First and foremost it must be fun for kids and adults too. And now there are so many different toboggans that the choice depends on what you want to do, your age and how much space you have in your car! But once all that is settled, the primary factor is glide because what kids love is speed. And if you end up with a somersault at the end, so much the better!


What product would you advise?

It all depends on age. Toboggans are ideal for unique moments with your toddlers and young children. Kids grow up so quickly that you have to make the most of each instant. For early childhood I advise a two-seater toboggan, so that parents and children can glide together. Then a single-seat toboggan for children a little older for races between children, or children vs. parents!


Other choices?

Shovel-shaped toboggans are very practical, foam toboggans are very light to pull back up the slopes, toboggans with seat-backs and steering wheels give you the impression you are driving a car, Run&Slide and BoardSlide toboggans open totally new gliding horizons – so there is not just one right toboggan, but the right one for you!
See the video about our range.



Why are there fewer toboggans made out of wood?

The traditional wooden toboggan is still very popular in Scandinavia, especially for pulling kids around in the streets. In France, Spain and Italy plastics have made it possible to vary gliding fun at very affordable prices. As a result, traditional wooden toboggans have become rarities.


When can you start tobogganing?

Right from infancy, when babies and toddlers are pulled around by their parents. Once they are 3 or 4, kids can go it alone and have fun on their own.


What’s the upper age limit?

There isn’t one! With a toboggan, grandparents can have tremendous fun with their grandchildren. There are few other sports which let them do that! So just do it!


Where can I try tobogganing?

Most resorts have gone all out to create safe toboggan tracks – ideal for all-out runs but if you have snow where you live, any slope will do!


Do I need safety gear?

For toboggans, just like all other gliding and riding sports, you have to watch out and take care to go up on the special path on the side of the downhill track. As for gear, you will need gloves because snow is cold and a crash-hat and goggles to avoid snow spraying onto your face and so you can see the track!


Thank you, Philippe!


Emily - EN